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The Pharmaceutical Company Conspiracy WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Tues July 28

Tuesday July 28 WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM PHARMACEUTICAL Companies Trying to Keep America Sick, Predatory Pricing Practices, Exclusive Rights to Manufacture Drugs for 20 Years or More, Drug Costs and Drug Price Inflation 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY – 10 AM San Francisco – 12 Noon Sioux City – 6 PM London – 7 PM Copenhagen – 8 PM Moscow Kiev - 10 PM Mumbai…


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We need your strength. What are you strong at? Do more of that!

It’s important to focus on your strengths. Playing to your strengths = energy and fruitfulness.

Marcus Buckingham has written a lot about strengths: “A strength is an activity that makes you feel strong. It is an activity where the doing of it invigorates you.”

Doing something from a…


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The Storyteller's Song

I’ve found myself listening to some classic Billy Joel lately. In particular, The Piano Man. I’ve loved this song since I was a kid. I get choked up a bit at this bit:

Now John at the bar is a friend of mine.

He gets me my drinks for free.

And he’s quick with a joke,

Or to light up your smoke,



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Group Leader
4 Secrets to Creating Positive Energy

I was recently coaching a client who was beginning two new part-time jobs. Her biggest worry was being overwhelmed and stressed out with the new paperwork procedures that she would need to learn.  Here's what she didn't realize; she was generating lots of negative energy by her perspective on the…


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No Human Being Should be a Slave WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM July 27

WWW.I-NETRADIO.COM Monday July 27 HUMAN TRAFFICKING $32 billion annual industry ensnaring 2.5 million people - Turning people into slaves and commodities 1, 4, 7, 10 PM EDT NY – 10 AM San Francisco Los Angeles Sacramento - 12 Noon Detroit Chicago – 6 PM London – 10 PM Mumbai - 8 PM Moscow Kiev - 7 PM Copenhagen…


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How To Blow Up Your Life - Six Steps to a Bigger Life

You were created for GREATNESS.

And yet, most of us live small lives. We may see the possibilities. For something more. Something better. Something life-giving.

But we also see that we have never done it before. Or that is will cost us something (like time and money and…


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What Are Your Big Rocks?

This post talks about tending to your "big rocks". I also openly speak about my faith, which I am proud of, but is also hard for me to do.  Enjoy, and please let me know what your big rocks are!

What Are Your Big Rocks?

A group of a big rock on the ground.

“I am so busy!”

“I meet myself coming and going!”

“I am so…


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Health and Healing: The Challenge of Time and Patience

I’ve described how utterly weak and helpless I was upon returning home from the hospital. We have 3 rather small steps up to the front porch and then one step up into the foyer of our house. The day my husband drove me home from the hospital, I remember feeling as if my legs were climbing Mount Everest with each step…


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RoDizio Grill: A Gluttonous Paradise

You Don't know what you've got, until it's gone......Yes, I've heard that in a song somewhere.

The truth is that I use to be a very active member of this community. We had our second kid, I put more pressure on myself to do something practical, and jumped fully back into the job I was working on transitioning from. It's been busy but it's also been empty.

I can't believe the courage it took just to write an post another article. Yes, I still need my day job; yes, I need to…


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Company Perks You'll Want to Seek

If you are making a job transition, this is your time to go for the gusto! We are seeing a shift to new, innovative company perks. Take advantage of these perks to help you achieve a healthier and more…


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Words of Wisdom for Sunday :-)

Added by Cheryl L Shipp on July 26, 2015 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Is sleep overrated?

In this fast paced society of today we can find ourselves in a perpetual state of tiredness. There are many distractions and tasks required of us during the day that it can seem impossible to find enough time for sleep. Often we can convince ourselves that we don't have time to sleep and that we'll simply have an extra coffee to help us get through the day.

It helps to understand a little about how the body works to fully understand what is going on when we sleep and how we can use… Continue

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How to Regain 10 (or More!) Hours of Your Week – Every Week

This week’s tip is going to be a tough one for some of you and remarkably easy for others. My husband and I implemented this tip ourselves over two years ago. Initially, I didn’t think I would like it and I thought it would be tough for me, but honestly, after a week or two of changed habits, I barely missed it. So how do you recapture 10+ hours of your week, each week? Set a limit to your TV viewing time. And by TV viewing I am including cable or dish, Netflix, Amazon…


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No, Really...I LOVE My Kids!

The other day PapaGray and I had the pleasure of going out on a date, just the two of us. Ahhhhhhhh, no children.  No one dropping food on the floor, getting food (or lord knows what) all over my clothes, talking loud enough to ensure that even the deaf will hear, dominating the conversation, walking way too close to the street, and generally being like a herd of cats you are trying to corral in the middle of a monsoon.…


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How to Accelerate Your Blog Past Beginner To Professional


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Editing is Murder

No, seriously it is. I’m not complaining about the process, just making an observation. Some of you know, I’m in the throws of editing my book, The Immense Center at the moment. The process requires me to Kill my Darlings. Yeah, you read…


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How to "Make" Money

Unless you work for the Federal Reserve, particularly in the area of printing currency or have an illegal printing operation you aren’t MAKING MONEY.

Money is an Earned Reward.

It can be earned many ways:

  1. By being the benefactor/heir of someone quite wealthy.
  2. By working hard and exchanging your hours for someone’s dollars
  3. By creating a business you love and are passionate about that solves problems or meets needs of…

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Healthy Weight Loss: Scale – Friend or Foe? Could Be Both

Several weeks ago I shared a post listing 5 good ways to measure your weight loss progress besides just the number on the scale. But today I wanted to focus on the scale just a little since…


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How To Buy Real Estate With a Self Directed IRA

Did you know you can buy investment property using your IRA?  In this article I’ll show you how you can use a Self Directed IRA to invest in real estate using money you already have in your existing IRA account.  I’ll also give you insights on my own personal experience…


Added by Dr. Jason Cabler on July 24, 2015 at 6:59am — 2 Comments

Happy Thursday! Today's Hope Note :-)

It takes courage to start over. You can do it! #hopecoach

"A righteous man falls seven times and rises again..." Proverbs…


Added by Cheryl L Shipp on July 23, 2015 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

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