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If you are looking to just get started and forget everything else, we suggest you JOIN a group and dive in. You can click HERE for group listings. 


Welcome to the community!

Welcome! Know we are excited you are here. 

Where is the best place to start in this large community?

Knowing that most of our members who join are looking to move forward in their progress, we suggest that everyone start off by joining 1-3 of our groups that can be found HERE. Caution: We have a lot of great groups, however in order NOT to be overwhelmed, we suggest sticking with 1-3 groups versus joining many groups as we find it easier to meaningfully connect. 

Why do we suggest start by joining 1-3 groups?

For it is with a rising tide that we can find all ships are lifted.

We have the best leaders around as well as some amazing members here at 48days.net who are eager to see you succeed.

What do you do when you join a group?

If you are looking to receive the best results, we suggest you start by diving in and introducing yourself, asking questions, and giving input to those who seek it. 

What are some of the top recommended groups?

While all our groups are great, you can click on some of the links below that match your interest:

If you would additional new member information on how to get started, please click HERE


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Dan's Blog

It’s my pleasure

  It’s my pleasure Interview with Dee Ann Turner on “It’s My Pleasure” Is the coaching market in Nashville saturated? I have lunch scheduled with a millionaire – what should I ask him? It’s my pleasure – a brief interview with DeeAnn Turner – VP of Talent at Chick-fil-A   “It’s my pleasure!”  Our phrase for the week     Show Notes Episode – 02-10-16 Title: N/A Subtitle: N/A Summary: In this episode, Dan shares some sterling success stories from...

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I work only for the money

“Law school sucked all the life and creativity out of me.”  “I’ve never been happy practicing law.”  “I have never had a sense of purpose.”  “I feel destined to do something great, but have no idea why or what.”  “I work only for the money.” These are statements from a young attorney – who in his last position had been sick for 6 months, “triggered initially by stress.”  But a new “career opportunity” presented itself and he is now working...

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What do you do?

What do you do? How did you sell 48 Days to the Work You Love without a publisher? How do we homeschool if I’m not a good teacher? Can I really follow my passions and make a living? Is there something where I could be involved with horticulture and plants, not have to work directly with people, and still be able to make enough to support my family? How do I find a coach that lines up with what I...

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