Speak It Forward - Maximize Your IMPACT and INCOME as a Speaker or Trainer


Speak It Forward - Maximize Your IMPACT and INCOME as a Speaker or Trainer

Whether you're just getting into speaking or a pro, this group is for you. It's not just about how to present, but how build and grow a successful speaking business. Join us if you want to turn your passion to present into profit!

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Maximize Your IMPACT and INCOME as a Speaker

Discussion Forum

DISC personality game.

Started by Barry Thompson. Last reply by Barry Thompson on Thursday. 12 Replies

I have a favor from everyone. I am developing a deck of cards that will help in giving quick assessments for personality styles. Since everything I do is in game form, I thought this would be a natural fit. But I need to name it. I thought of DISC…Continue

Quick advice for twitterers

Started by James Divine. Last reply by James Divine on Thursday. 8 Replies

How many times have you read/thought something and thought it might be a good tweet? If you're like me, you often forget about it.I created a word document that I keep on my desktop now simply called "tweets". I put any ideas from reading or…Continue

Tags: twitter, tweet

Speaking Fee

Started by Carl Lander. Last reply by Jerry Stumpf on Monday. 14 Replies

Hello All, I was hoping to get some opinions on an opportunity that's been presented to me.I've been asked to develop and conduct a 3-4 hour workshop for graduate students at a large private university in my area. Nothing has been finalized as yet,…Continue

Indivual or Organization

Started by Jeremy Sabacek. Last reply by James Divine Feb 21. 5 Replies

Question:Would you rather be noted and recognized as someone who helped an organized gained notoriety or would you rather have praise and recognition in a solo endeavor as an individual? (For example: Like getting your Masters at whatever age,…Continue

Speaking to high schools and colleges

Started by Tom Henricksen. Last reply by Bob Wilson Feb 11. 5 Replies

I wanted to let you all know my new book is about ready to launch.  My website is up for the new book at Cracking The Career Code.com  The book speaks to high school and college age…Continue

Mechanical Engineering job market in Miami FL

Started by Shayee Senbore. Last reply by Maureen Zappala Feb 8. 4 Replies

Hello everyone,(I have already posted this on the Recovering Engineers group on 48 days, just wondering if anyone in this group has some knowledge on this as well). I work as a Mechanical Engineer in Cleveland OH and a significant portion of my work…Continue

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Comment by Jan Foselli 2 hours ago

Hi everyone!  I just joined this group b/c as I'm reading 48 Days, I know I want to be a trainer/speaker.  I've always wanted to teach since I was a kid, but not in a traditional classroom.  I'm not afraid of speaking in front of people now and I handle some training at my work now:  Diversity, Drug & Alcohol and Sexual Harassment.  I don't want to stay in this arena though.......  I was wondering if some of you could comment on how you developed your training niche.

Group Leader
Comment by Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" yesterday

Kent, THANK YOU!!! I am really jazzed to get to work with Jill on our 21 day program as she is pretty rocking awesome. Fun to not only get to be a part of the first 21 day journey with folks, but also to be creating an evergreen after talk product that will go along nicely with my bundle product sales. 

Group Leader
Comment by Kent Julian yesterday

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Jill Davis and Jen McDonough's 21 Days to developing Your Inner Core Strength!

Group Leader
Comment by Kent Julian yesterday

Congrats Kimanzi. There's nothing like keynoting!!!

Group Leader
Comment by Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" yesterday

Hey gang, quick note. Jill Davis and I are offering our $147 course (21 Days to Developing Your Inner Core Strength) for only $21 for those that sign up before 2/28. Thought I would post here for 2 reasons. 1. The content is going to be great. 2. Even if the course doesn't interest you, know that some of you would benefit from attending just to view how we do this from a coaching template perspective as coaching can be a nice revenue stream to go with your speaking. Having invested thousands of dollars in the BEST coaches over the years, it has been really helpful to participate in programs and template the things that can work for me. If you are interested, please click HERE for more info. 

Comment by Kimanzi Constable yesterday

I've spoken over 60 times in the last three years, BUT I just booked my first Keynote! If you're in or around Vegas in June... http://www.readerslegacychoiceawards.com/speakers/kimanzi-constable/

Comment by David Weiss on Monday

Thank you Kingsley and Maureen. Those were all very helpful. Maureen as to your personal story comment, I was with these folks for five days and other messages contained a lot more of that. To the point of being breathless, I likely was. This came just after about a 10 minute "rant." You see the first part of this message is me dramatically portraying the older brother in the story who is basically wavering between hurt and fury. Of course this part of the video did not come out as the recording stopped in the middle. The pacing back and forth is something I also have been working on. After years of preaching from manuscripts, I am now committing everything to memory and the pacing has been tough to overcome. 

Comment by Kingsley Grant on Monday

Hi David,

I watched some of the video and do agree with what Maureen already said. I also would add that you seemed like you were breathless at times. Maybe more controlled breathing would be another thing to be aware of. Also, making eye contact with a section or group of people at a time, and talk to them, then move on to another section, would be helpful.

Just adding my 2c.

Comment by Maureen Zappala on February 20, 2015 at 8:40am

David, if you start a discussion about your video, you'd be able to track the comments. I watched a few minutes of. You have a very strong presence and voice, well suited for preaching. You used some nice vocal variety, and you are comfortable using your arms to gesture. Your speaking speed varies nicely too, for good emphasis where you want it. Two things jump out at me that you may consider: You pace back and forth, moving with no purpose, and it distracts from your words. And, you would grab more attention if you told more personal stories. The prodigal son is a familiar story, but the David Weiss story is not, and you can use it to engage people's hearts faster and deeper. I'm not saying don't use the prodigal son, but hearing more of YOUR story is the secret to engaging the audience.

Comment by David Weiss on February 20, 2015 at 8:18am

Would love some input on my speaking. I combine art and preaching and am also working toward speaking on creativity. This one is based on the parable of the prodigal son. https://amokarts.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/the-older-brother/


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