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Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. 

We all have areas in our life we wish were better. We all have dreams we want to see come true. But how? Whether you want help getting started, or pushing to new heights, Six Month Jump will help. 

Join us as we explore what it takes to infuse our lives with action.

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Alan Jackson

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You've thought about it. Prayed about it. Maybe even agonized over it. But if you don't take action, it will never happen.

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing."   ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Imagine having years of roadblocks eliminated from your path. Imagine the success you can create when excuses no longer define you actions. Imagine having answers that make living each day joyful. 

Members of Six Month Jump have one big thing in common. We're not sitting around hoping our lives will be better in the months and years ahead. We're here, working as a group, because we want better results than we're getting by ourselves.

Together we'll explore ideas and tactics for making faster progress towards our goals. We'll also have fun debunking myths and worn-out methods that hold us back. Ask yourself, "Do you have what it takes to be a JUMPER?"

Olympic athletes often win gold medals by only one hundredths of a second. That fraction of an instant is imperceptible to the human eye. But it's the difference between: "greatest guy in the world and, never heard of him."

You, are one of a kind. Live like it. Live with intention!


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Discussion Forum

Ready to Act, But Trying to Choose the Right Target

Started by Diane Krause. Last reply by Camden Ross 1 hour ago. 15 Replies

Hi Alan and fellow Jumpers,I'm late to the party here because I've been mired in other things through the summer. But I'm getting my act together and trying to get focused. Although I've only been lurking up to now, I'm quite excited to see what's…Continue

EXPERIMENT #1: Tell Me Something

Started by Alan Jackson. Last reply by Camden Ross 1 hour ago. 100 Replies

Having personally declared this month as "Action August" you'll likely see a few stranger than normal posts and discussions in the JUMP Group.  …Continue

I want to OWN my personal Action August

Started by Julie Marston. Last reply by Julie Marston 11 hours ago. 9 Replies

I've been sitting on the fence for a long time about taking my first step toward creating my own business and building the life that I really want. You may have seen my response to Alan's Experiment #1 - which is that I want to finish a book and…Continue

You're Invited to the Dream Job Party

Started by Brenda Dunagan. Last reply by Brenda Dunagan 22 hours ago. 2 Replies

I am EXTREMELY excited to share this with you! The party call is FREE, and you can register here: …Continue

If you're a frustrated, emotional wreck, you're not alone.

Started by nathan miller. Last reply by Adina Cupoli 23 hours ago. 8 Replies

If you have followed 6 month jump for any length of time you have probably seen some odd posts about my "jump". I'm in the middle of a complicated plan to jump from debt (by rebuilding a house that we paid cash for), then I have plans to build a…Continue

Need some business expertise

Started by Glen Meiring. Last reply by Diane Krause yesterday. 8 Replies

Hi all, I need some help developing the BUSINESS side of my business.  I've developed a product for breaking down, searching and watching high school football video.  Teams can use the software to catalog video, then the team and fans watch video by…Continue

Tags: video, consulting, business

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Group Leader
Comment by Alan Jackson 11 hours ago

Found this on Tumbler.

Comment by Jerry Stumpf 13 hours ago


 Vervante.com seems to have a lot to offer.   They look like a good company to process and send out all my products, not only my CD's but they also have help for my POD book and eBook.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Comment by Jerry Stumpf 14 hours ago

John and Brenda,

 Thank you I will check both DIsk.com and Vervante.com.

That is what is good about this group. A lot of helpful willing folks

Comment by Brenda Dunagan 21 hours ago

Hi, Jerry.

Some use Kunaki. It has its place, but it can take a TON of time to upload to their format and their quality is so-so. They only do singles (CDs and DVDs), and you have to create and upload your own master.

Personally, one of my favorites is vervante.com. Excellent quality, they can create a master for you if you need them to, and they make it so you can build out packages over time if you wish. Since they do more than just DVDs and CDs, you can add in workbooks, ebooks, etc. later and add in customization in the form of letters and such. Nice personalized touches.

Hope that helps!

Comment by Catalyst John 23 hours ago

Jerry - you can check out disk.com.

Comment by Jerry Stumpf 23 hours ago


Glad to hear about your next books are in the works. How many are in the fiction series?

Comment by Jerry Stumpf 23 hours ago


I have several CD & Audio packages on the drawing board. I have the basic outline sketched and need to work out the recording details.

If someone can give me a direction as to a good production company to do do POD packages, I would appreciate it.

Comment by Paul Vandermill yesterday


Nice job with the interview with Dan and this week's brainstorming session.  I just listened to the replay and was able to learn your number one peeve as well!

Comment by Christine Draper yesterday

Alan, what a great teleseminar last night!  Full of useful insight.  Really looking for the challenge come September.  Congratulations on the great show.

Comment by Melissa AuClair yesterday

Jerry- stepping back is always a good thing! One of my virtual mentors puts her book in a drawer for a few days before she looks at it again; I've started doing the same!  Coming up is another book for nurses and a fiction series.  How about you?

Nick- THANK YOU!  I'm smiling as I saw that comment- my small book is #2 in it's category- and it's mainly because of the awesome people in 48 Days, friends, mastermind group, and family- words can't express my appreciation! 

Alan- Yahoo! Excited for you :) The fun really kicks into high gear now. 


Check it out!

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