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At 6:46pm on August 23, 2012, Margie Latch said…

Congrats on being Dan's member of the week, and thanks for being s a good and supportive influence!!  God bless!!! 

At 2:32pm on August 23, 2012, Kerry Stith said…

Ann, thank you very much for you kind words.  As an aside I checked out your site.  Healthy living is something that is important to my family and me.  We are physically active. My kids are on GCCF diets, eat largely organically and take a host of supplements.  We are much proponents of integrative health approaches. I signed up for your newsletter.

At 7:10pm on August 22, 2012, Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" said…

Ann - congrats on being Dan's Member of the week!! WELL DESERVED!

At 5:33pm on June 19, 2012, Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" said…


WHOO HOO!! Love connecting with you! YOU are inspiring and love that you don't talk down to people, make them feel shame, etc. when getting them on a plan with their health. Love your podcasts with Pei at Real Good Health!


At 5:21pm on May 25, 2012, Kimberley Wiggins said…

Thank Ann, I may need to use your services.  I have a very complex problem I think.  I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia on one hand and on the second opinion I was diagnosed with chronic fatigure syndrome.  What I think I need to do right now is to go on a gluten free, sugar free hiatus and see what happens.  I am struggling with it right now.

At 7:43pm on May 17, 2012, Lynne Watts said…

Welcome to the Called Woman Group.  Thanks for joining in!

At 7:19am on April 3, 2012, Camden Ross said…

Wordpress and Gravatar changed how they manage comments. Basically if someone has a WP.com account linked to their Gravatar email, or even their email associated with WP.com, they cannot use their email to make comments on blogs unless they log in with WP.com.

To fix it, I had to change my email address in WP.com to something different. Delete the email from being associated with my Gravatar account, and then create a new account.

A lot of hoops.

I solved it right after sending you the first message.


At 2:51pm on March 15, 2012, Vickie Smith said…

I"m loving them as well. I've used peppermint for 20 yrs, then added lavender, melaleuca and was desperately wanting clove... then my friend told me about doTerra and ..... so many oils!  Excited to check out your site and book, etc.  

At 7:52am on September 21, 2011,
Group Leader
Joel Boggess

Good morning Ann,


Talk to you Friday.

At 6:46pm on September 20, 2011,
Group Leader
Joel Boggess

Hi Ann,


I added you on my contact list. I will talk to you Friday at 2p cst.


Jer 29:11

At 11:07am on September 20, 2011, Caroline Gavin said…

It's an honor to connect! Thank you, Ann!
I also look forward to learning more about you. I can see from your writing that you have love for God and passion for serving.

May you enjoy a truly blessed day!

At 3:35pm on September 19, 2011,
Group Leader
Joel Boggess

Hi Ann,


No worries. What is you Skype name so I can add you to my contacts? Mine is "4 Points Coach".


Also, if you don't have one already, please get an external headset and microphone that you plug into the computer. That helps tremendously with quality. Wal Mart or Target should work out fine.


Refresh my memory, did you say Friday is doable for you?




At 1:36pm on September 5, 2011, Jini Charley said…

My pleasure Ann. It was an honor to have your participation on my Q & A session on Success. I invite all to visit your insightful response on my blog: http://jinicharley.blogspot.com/2011/09/q-on-success-with-ann.html

At 8:00am on September 1, 2011, Brent Green said…
You're welcome Ann! And....thanks for being a part of our Pursuing Your Calling group :)
At 10:11am on August 26, 2011, Michelle Spencer said…


Thank you so much! That is very inspirational. I will send you the info as soon as I get set up. What is your website?

At 5:17am on August 12, 2011,
Group Leader
Randell Mark Olson

Hey Ann,

I've enjoyed the conversations we've had recently, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better.

Thanks for joining "The ExceptionZ Group", because you truly are one!




At 2:07pm on May 10, 2011, Annie (Evadne) Smith said…
Thank you Ann. I am enjoying  this Site tremendously.  I am truly grateful for "finding" such a wonderful Community of folks who are willing to help and share their knowledge with each other. I will be visiting your website soon. Blessings!
At 6:37pm on February 24, 2011, Anthony Agovino said…
Thanks for the connection. Wishing you lots of blessings.
At 5:52pm on January 13, 2011, Camden Ross said…

Thanks for joining Strengthen My Spiritual Life! Like you I am also on the path of trying to create multiple income streams with some of them being passive so I can pursue a more balanced and family focused life.


Thanks again for coming on board!

At 11:06am on December 30, 2010, Jon Dale said…
Thanks Ann!

Check it out!

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