Health and Nutrition: You Need BOTH of These Minerals for Health!

Sodium has become a dirty word. We are told we must cut out all salt because it raises blood pressure and is very, very bad for us. But is it really?  Sodium is one of the minerals we need for good health! We should definitely cut processed, white table salt from our diets and eliminate packaged, processed foods which are the major sources of too much sodium.   Avoiding salt totally is not the answer – including the right salt in the right amount is the issue!

Actually as this brief and interesting video shows (scroll down to the 3rd video), sodium and potassium are the major electrolyte minerals that control your ability to properly detoxify at the cellular level. Sodium is essential for proper hydration. It pumps water and nutrients into your cells. Potassium pumps waste products out of your cells. You need both!

Too many people are unable to properly cleanse because they over consume sodium, and consume the wrong kind of sodium, and under consume potassium.  Most Americans only consume 1/10th the amount of potassium they need for optimal health and take in 10 times the amount of sodium they should be consuming.

As the video says, veggies, particularly greens, are great potassium sources. But they must be balanced with the proper form of sodium. (Continue Reading Here)

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Comment by Ann Musico on March 7, 2014 at 2:52am

Chris thank you as always for reading, commenting and encouraging me!

Comment by Chris Conley on March 6, 2014 at 3:46pm

Ann, I'm a day late reading because I was out yesterday and watching my grandaughter today. None the less you've educated me again on salt. I always prided myself in not salting food becasue I'd always heard we get enough just in the way foods are prepared. thanks again. I see you've sent D'Anne something on that as well so we'll review it and be discussing. Thanks so much for your efforts to educate

Check it out!

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