I like to stop this time of year, look back over my life and see how far I’ve come. Have there been any significant changes? I’m coming up on my twenty year anniversary in sobriety. As I look back, I got to thinking about how people that use drugs and alcohol, when they first get sober, have a distinct negative outlook. This is not unexpected. Especially when you think of what most alcoholics and addicts have been through. It can’t be helped. Think about it. We have been in the crap for so long that bad things have become normal. I would not have gotten sober if things hadn’t gotten so bad, right? So that gives me a negative out look. Now I have to change this kind of thinking because it is what got me here in the first place. If I don’t, I will drink again. more

Dr. Worry

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Comment by Keith Smith on January 15, 2012 at 7:12am

Dan, First of all I did it one day at a time. I didn't just wake up one day and decide that I was going to quit and set a goal of 20yrs. When I quit I was so close to death I in fact wanted to die. A thought went through my head was that if this is all that life has to offer then I want out. For me alcohol and drugs was my god and my god had my full trust. So it is a spiritual thing more than behavioral. So when my god quit working for me I was screwed.  So I would say that I was blessed to be given the gift of desperation. So it was out of desperation That I became willing to do some Things. One thing was to get honest  with my self. Two  this desperation helped me to become opened minded enough think there might be a better way. I have to go right now  this would probably be easier to talk to you E-mail me at Keith@drworry .com and I will schedule a time to talk with you Keith

Comment by Dan Shafer on January 14, 2012 at 2:43pm


Congratulations on your upcoming 20th anniversary of sobriety. That is amazing and truly inspiring to many out there that wish they could be in your shoes. 

I work as a behavior analyst, which is someone who helps others change their behaviors, and I have been contemplating the challenges of drug and alcohol addictions. I personally have never tried any drugs and I am not an alcoholic, but I want to help those who may be struggling with these challenges. I tend to view addictions in terms of only behaviors and then create ways to overcome those behaviors. So my question to you is, how did you do it? What made you decide nearly 20 years ago to leave the life you knew and set a course for this one? What do you believe needs to be the catalyst to shake up addicts and live a more purposeful life? It sounds like you have the right formula for sobriety. Keep being an inspiration to those who may need to know that a better life is only a few decisions away! 

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