Ever feel like your  brain is thwarting your ambitions, goals and dreams? Feel alone? Don’t, anyone doing anything positive experiences this. Without disciplined, the brain can become a hindrance, leading us to dead-end streets and rabbit hole after rabbit hole.


Is your brain sinking you?
Is your brain sinking you?


1. Open your eyes to the NOW.


How many times have you driven to work and not remembered the drive? Things get dangerous, accidents happen when we are not here now. Often we spend our lives looking back or projecting what our future should/will be. Open your eyes to NOW



2. Recognize thoughts for what they are.

A collection of chemicals charged with electricity and associated with past emotions. Thoughts are in the ether, they have no substance and no power to act or exist independent of you.



3. Slow down and be conscious of the thoughts.

Where is it they are trying to take you? Do you want to go there or is it misdirection? Is there a message or a calling buried in there? Take a meditation course or first thing in the morning just sit and listen to how busy your mind is. With time the frantic thoughts will become less and less pressing



4 Disconnect from those thoughts

Realize that thoughts are not you. The I AM (that's you) creates them. Pick the direction or goal you want and set your thoughts to that path.
I Am, thus I think, feel, and believe. You are in control of your thoughts and life. Be intentional and go own it.



What new direction are you taking?



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Comment by Chris Conley on March 6, 2014 at 8:28pm

I enjoy mainly personal development and spiritual. The last few books I've read were 4Doors, The Happiness Advantage, 52 Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life, Out Live Your Life, All Pro Dad, What God wants every Dad to Know. Today Matters, and am currently reading Wisdom meets Passion. I stumbled on a used bookstore in our area. All the books are donated, the help is volunteer from a Mennonite church so the prices are $3-$4 for hardbacks in new condition. I've built quite a library. Also I check the bargains at cbd.com

Comment by Frank Andrix on March 6, 2014 at 5:37pm

T.V will take up all the time you give it for sure!  Thanks for the comment.  What do you like to read Chris?

Comment by Chris Conley on March 6, 2014 at 3:34pm

Frank, for me my new direction is the intentional part you mention. Less tv and more reading and listening. thanks

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