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#037: 10 Things I’ve Learned In The Process of Transition [Podcast]


When God escorts you into a season of change and transition, it always involves the opportunity for growth. Are you currently experiencing the upheaval of change and transition? Do you feel as though God is moving you towards something new, even though you are not completely clear on what that is? On this episode, I want to talk about the 10 Things…


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Podcast Ep 007: Scott Anthony Barlow- Learn how to Happen to Your Career

Scott Anthony Barlow is the Co-Founder of Happen to Your Career, a company that helps people move from where they are to work they love. He has been helping people develop their careers for over 10 years as a Human Resources Leader, Small Business Developer, and Career Coach.

With over 2000 job interviews experience from his HR career, Scott now interviews others telling their story of pursuing work they love on the Happen to Your Career Podcast . Scott and his wife…


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#032: 'Relationships - How To Deal with Testing and Change' [Podcast]

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.29.04 PM

In this episode, we continue talking about RELATIONSHIPS.

  • How do we navigate changes in relationships?
  • Are all relationships meant to last for a lifetime?
  • What do you do when a relationship is TESTED?
  • What do you do when a relationship’s season has come to an end
  • How do we steward the…

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5 Tips to Re-ignite Your Career During Christmas

During this holiday season hopefully you have a chance to relax and unwind. But as you begin to enjoy the goodness of Christmas vacay from work or school, you may find yourself asking:

Am I sure I enjoy the Major I selected? Do I really want to do what I am studying for my work?

If you are out of school and already working you may ask:

Have I been happy and fulfilled at work this year?  Is this position satisfying my unique purpose? Are all my skills, talents, gifts, and…


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"Do Not Despise the Small Things"

Here is a much needed reminder to help you get to your "big" thing faster and with more enjoyment.

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Let me Introduce Myself

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How to get Unstuck

Have you ever felt stuck in a place that you did not want to be in? I have! It can be frustrating. Here's what I learned that helped me to get unstuck.  Today I am going to give you 4 steps that will help you get unstuck. Feeling stuck can make us feel depressed, emotionally drain you and be very discouraging.

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Somebody's got the Case of the Monday's!

We survived another Monday! Yay us who are still in our less than satisfying jobs. I don't know about you, but today was challenging for me. Most Monday's are, but this one was more so than usual. It did not help that I had a meeting with the most challenging people I work with today. I also volunteered to have a new intern shadow me today (not the brightest idea for a Monday). It took all of my energy to NOT act negatively. I…


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Graceful Exit?

Andrew Mason's departure from Groupon will likely cement his name in the annals of business as one of the greatest ever. His memo, posted on an online site, was like hitting the reset button on both his name recognition and his reputation.

As I read the memo I couldn't help wondering if Mr. Mason would have changed anything in hindsight? Would he have sold the company to Google when the opportunity persented itself? I'd bet a lot of the IPO investors wished he had!

I wish… Continue

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How The GROUCH Stole Christmas ( A Fun Look AT DISC Strengths)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Strengthsville was sound,

With all the DISC styles strongly holding their ground.…


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Why I joined 48 Days

I have been a Soldier in the Military for 17 years. Recently I was recommended to get go through the a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) process. For those of you who do not know what this is it is basically the Army deciding if a soldier is physically able to continue to serve in the military. I have been avoiding this process for sometime due to injuries that I received while deployed. Since entering the MEB process I have started to think about what I am going to do with the rest of my life.…


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Juggling Life



Juggling Life


Hello, my name is Deb Ingino, and I am a juggler.

And I'm betting you are,…


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Should Leaders be Miserable?

Happiness is not something you often hear along with leadership.  But think about it, why should leaders be miserable?  Is that a great example to their team or the people in their life?  I know in the corporate realm being happy is not a top corporate core value and some might accuse us of focusing on a…

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You Just Might Be Wired!

Several of you know or at least have heard of - whether you will admit it or not - Jeff Foxworthy, the “You Might Be a Redneck” guy.

Well, I’ve decided to give all this a New York “My Wired Style” spin.  So here goes. 

You might be D-wired if:

  • Your emails consist of two- to three-word sentences and no…

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The In Between

What do you when you think something is going to happen and it seems to be taking longer than you think? I'm in that position right now. I'm almost stumped about what to do next. I don't want to give up, and I won't, but I guess I will have to wait awhile to see my answer...more

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082 Finding your Voice – “Acting,” out of a Greater Purpose.

Once she realized that she could stop fighting against herself, the tension she had shouldered for years began to dissolve and a stronger, more powerful version of her started to come into full view. (Jump to the podcast)



Nurturing, compassionate, and helpful; Jacque had wonderful features that helped her do well in her job. Still,…


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48 Days For Military Veterans

The US Veterans' Administration and the Department of Labor combine efforts to provide transition assistance for military members transitioning to civilian life. The program is essentially a lecture series. You are in a classroom with other military members receiving a talk from someone employed by the government to provide the program information. You actually have a checklist that you initial off as the discussion takes place to verify to the government that you have heard the…


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Show 032 Finding your voice - A passion to bring healing

Faithful to the tug that had been pulling on her heart for quite some time, she recently gave notice that she has decided to move in her own direction. (Jump to the full article and podcast.)


And while the world of investment portfolios and real…


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Ways To Discovering Your Passion

There’s a voice that only you can hear.  It’s a call to the true value of your life, who you are, who you are meant to be.  If you miss it, there will be a hole in this world, a hole you were to fill.  But, if you hear it, if you take action, then you will live your life in the sweet spot meant just for you. One which you share with the world. …


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Fail Much?

Today's failures can be your springboard to tomorrow's success.

I find that I learn each time I take action, no matter the result I learn.

Some lessons are fun.

Some are painful.

But all can serve the purpose of being used as a stepping stone to my next successful action.

Failed lately?  Join the club!

And congratulations on moving forward!


Today's failures can be your springboard to tomorrow's…


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