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It’s Going To Be A Good One…

I used to manage a horse farm. In fact, that is what I went to college for. They were always my passion. As a small girl growing up in Lancaster, PA, I dreamed a runaway horse and buggy would drive by and I would be the one to stop it and be able to keep the horse.

I don’t know where I thought the owner would be, but those small details don’t matter when you are dreaming.…


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I have been thinking about the little things of life, lately.  The more I ponder, the more I realize how big the little things really are.  For instance, the touch of my daughter’s hand in mine feels so amazing when I have not experienced that since Christmas.  Seeing my husband’s smile after having been away for five days is more comforting than I remembered.  I have also been thinking about something a little less romantic.  I have been thinking about bodily functions.  In particular, I…


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107 Finding your Voice – Breaking through with Lance Wallnau (part 2)

Our interview with Dr. Lance was so meaty and packed with empowering and practical information, we had to release it in two pieces.

In today’s show, we jump right back into the discussion of passion, Truth, and how to make it work. (…


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Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air.One of my office mates cleaned up her area a few days ago. I made a joke about spring cleaning and she said she was "told" to clean up. I love spring and…


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Proper Alignment

Tires. Your spine. The stars. Your teeth. Golf club and ball. Your work you love.…


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Is your mind a coffin?

Is your mind a coffin?

What are some of your dreams and ideas that you do not act on? Everything that we do starts in our brain as a thought. We can choose to act on it our not. Some things are just crazy and wild that we come up with. We can either…


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The Best Way to Save on Health Care Costs

There’s no doubt about the fact that healthcare costs are out of control and millions of people are suffering financially or going bankrupt because of these rising costs.

When I Googled “How to lower health care costs,” most of the advice is about how to make deals with doctors and hospitals. But, there’s another way to lower your health care costs – preserve your health.

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney…


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Young and smart

I am "old enough to be your mother" to a lot of people, but I have…


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Kyrie Eleison

Rest assured this is not a Latin lesson.  In the early 1980’s there was a band called, “Mr. Mister.’  Like many bands of that era, they hung around for a few years and then were gone.  There is one song I still play on a consistent basis to remind myself about the direction of my life - “Kyrie Eleison”.

Kyrie Eleison is Latin in its root meaning.  It means, “Lord have mercy.”  During the song there is a great phrase that makes me reflect every time I hear it.  As I said, I play it on…


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Hello Everyone!

I blog over at:   http://godsgrace-jureda.blogspot.com/  you may join me and I hope you enjoy.



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What Would You Do If...

What would you do if you knew you only had 3 days to live?

“Oh, not that again,” I can hear you moan. I know, it’s a clichéd exercise that is done all the time to help people think about the most important things in life. Except, not for my cousin(-in-law). My cousin was about to divorce her husband (my cousin-in-law?) about a month ago. She even presented him the papers. He had already been feeling sick, but it got worse over the last few weeks. Since he’s on her health…


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Buzzword Defined (Part 3): Courage

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at its testing point.”  –C.S. Lewis

Wow.  Opening this post with this quote from C. S. Lewis just heightened my level of attention to a subject that has been watered down through over use and misunderstanding through the years.  How do we recover the word Courage from the Buzzword purgatory it’s currently relegated to?

My answer is to define it and to continually discuss it.  That is the…


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Happy Birthday -- TWICE

Each year my family does something really cool on March 16th.…


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SPRING: Of GOD's Glory Sing!


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How will you hear God speak?

Sometimes when we think of God speaking to us, our minds gravitate toward booming voices, thunder claps and lightening bolts.

And, while it's often played up that way for dramatic and theatrical value, sometimes (in my experience, most of the time), God shares His ideas and intentions through less stagy ways.

 Join us for tonight's …


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Is the "Flying Leap" still flying?

Looking back 4 - 5 months:  Yes, I took the jump to a full-time salaried position.  We were already mortgage-free, but I confess that I did it for the money.  It's a stepping-stone to part the waters on our way to a new life in a different community, and that way would not have been open to us without the boosted income.  That said, I also have found (as usual) that growing the job has brought both struggling and strengthening. For that I am thankful; although I also wade through great pain…


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How Digging Holes Helped My Marriage

I get a little obsessed with plants. I think it is my nurturing personality, I want to save every plant in my yard and nurse it back to life.

Michael and I are scaling back our landscaping. Actually it was never really landscaping but a mishmosh of plants I had stuck in the ground here and there.

My "let's wing it" approach just hasn't worked out so well. I just dive…


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106 Single Momm Radio – Momentary gifts last a long time

A silent prayer. A quiet room. A dimly-lit front porch. We all need to honor ourselves and take time for a real moment. (Jump to Podcast

And, when you’re playing the roles of both…


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Driving through the fog

Y ears ago I had to drive through the mountains of Pennsylvania. It was night time and it was foggy…


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Investing with Self-Directed IRAs

An estimated $4 trillion dollars can be found in retirement accounts.  98% of those are accounts managed by a stockbroker or investment company that places the money into stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Why leave your IRA and 401K in the hands of others? Do you know the types of retirement accounts that can be self-directed?

You shouldn’t have to cross your fingers; cross your heart and HOPE someone is doing a good job for you.  Learn how to take control of your retirement…


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