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"Chapstick(R) Lip Balm"~GREEN Inspirations~February 12, 2011

Yes, there are other uses for your Chapstick(R) lip balm (besides moisturizing your lips!)...You can apply Chapstick(R) to your hands and face to prevent wind burn especially when skin is exposed to cold, windy, dry winter air...When you have a cold and your runny nose gets red and raw, you can soothe and moisturize your nostrils...If you get a paper cut (or cut yourself shaving!), apply Chapstick(R) to the cut to… Continue

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The Mistake You Made Was That You Thought I Was Perfect

The other day I had assigned a task to a new hire, a pretty junior developer.  The task was to do some work on a web site.  I was talking to him at one point in the day and he said "I am going to go work on that double click you want on that web site".


At the time I did not think anything of it.  He went off to work on it and I got back to whatever I was doing. 


The next morning, in the shower it suddenly occurred to me, "double click, why did he say double…


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Group Leader
Why Blogging is the Perfect Home Business - Part 1

The home-based business trend continues to grow at an alarming rate every year. Many people are trading in their suit, tie and 6x6 cubicle in for slippers, pajamas, and a home office. Much of this trend is a result of the internet and the ever-increasing technologies around us. More people in our age are becoming "knowledge workers." Meaning that instead of physical labor, they are getting paid for using their brain. More specifically, you can get paid for providing solutions for…

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New here

Hi all - I'm new here.  Been listening/reading Dan's stuff off/on for a couple years.  I encorporated a lot of it into a biz idea last year, which was moderately successful:  End The Fed Coin Project.  I learned a lot there, one of which is I need to find time to build community, etc.


Currently I'm familiarizing myself even further with blogging, and ALL the ins and outs - social media, analytics, SEO, podcasting,…


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Getting to the Core

A number of years ago, when hubby and I were dating and I was still a poor college student, he valiantly volunteered to make repairs to my car, which had a dead heater core. (If you’ve ever replaced a heater core, you may be chuckling at this point.) It’s a good thing he was smitten with me, because by the time he reached the heater core, his conclusion was that when the car was manufactured, the heater core was mounted into the empty frame, and the rest of the vehicle built around…


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"Chapped Hands?"~GREEN Inspirations~February 11, 2011

No matter how many times a day you apply hand lotion to your chapped, rough, dry hands, if that smooth and soft feeling doesn't last long, don't purchase a brand name hand lotion...An inexpensive solution is to apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and really work it into your hands right before you go to bed every night...This hint also works any time of the year when your hands get rough and dry after… Continue

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Budget in some fun

Added by GREGG PECHMANN on February 11, 2011 at 4:29am — 2 Comments

Some people need some software developed, others WANT one

"I’ve always told people you can make a living selling things that people need; e.g. washing machines, transmissions and light bulbs.  But you can get rich selling things that people want – chewing gum, vacation trips, motorcycles and ladies panties."

Dan's blog about panties really struck a cord with me this morning.  I am building a website to explain how to get software developed to people who don't know a 0 from a 1 (or why that…


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Don't be a senseless mule.

This was part of my daily reading today: 

The LORD says "I will guide you along the best pathway of your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Do not be like a senseless horse or mule that needs a bit and bridle to keep it under control." 

All of us pray for guidance and direction from God, we want to fulfill his purpose. When the way isn't clear, he will guide us, but we must not force his hand by our senseless ways. We must be wise ourselves so that we don't stray off…


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Find your spot and own it!

1. There is always someone not as far along as you

2. There is always someone further along than you

3. Be the best at where YOU are

4. Lift those higher who are not as far along as you

5. Learn from those who are further along than you

6. Never be ashamed of where YOU… Continue

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Instant Success

Instant Success


I just read a statement from Daniel Tardy that said Valentines Day is usually the time that people have already given up on their New Yeas resolutions. Wow we give our life changing goals a whole 45 days to be complete.  On top of that we quit in the middle of the shortest month of the year! I want to start a new business on Jan.1, but if I am not profitable and able to leave my current job I will be done Feb.14. Or…


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Need Help getting book of Poems published. Also I have song lyrics, but can't write Music. Any advise???

Hi, folks!

Sorry I've not been active so far to this point.  Today is the first time I've logged in since joining this site.  So far, I find this site very informative, but also very overwhelming.  I find there's a great deal of information here, and this causes me sometimes to get distracted..by browsing the site, etc.

So....in an attempt to actually ACCOMPLISH something here today...LOL  I'd like to ask a few questions...

ONE: Is there maybe a chat session…


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"Old Newspapers"~GREEN Inspirations~February 10, 2011

Keep a stack of old newspapers in the trunk of your vehicle this winter...If you get stuck on a stretch of ice/frozen slush, you can place a section of the newspaper (at least a dozen sheets) under your rear tires for traction to get you onto cleared pavement.

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Warmer than it looks outside

by: Lewis Pulley


Ever heard the expression, “colder than it looks outside”? Well, I encountered some nice people today that made things seem warmer than they might have otherwise appeared to be. The Midwest along with other areas of the country got hit with an ice storm on February 1st and…


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Being in Community

Are you in community?

My wife and I are involved in several different ‘communities’. There’s the community of our church. There’s the community of our family. There’s the cross-cultural Latino community that we work with. There’s an online community that we interact with every day.



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Group Leader
Your God May Be Small

How are you spending your time? We’re already in the second month of the year, and many of you have had some very exciting goals set to go after. So, where are those goals now and are you still pursuing them?


It’s still early, so if you’ve given up on them, try to use this write-up to help motivate you and get you back on track.


Think about this…


If you are still sitting on a plan, or an idea, and haven’t moved then perhaps the…


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Managing ADD/ADHD in the home

“You run our family like a business,” my son told me yesterday.  He gestured to the large white board we have mounted on the wall.

It was a compliment to me but I know he wasn’t saying it with appreciation.

But it’s part of effort to keep disorganization and Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) at bay in our home.   So  here’s just a few things I’ve found to help manage ADD in our home.

Use a white board. I use it to write down goals and their rewards.  Hubby Jay…


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Paula Abdul

I will have to admit, I like Paula Abdul. She is very talented and hard working.


Saw her last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She described her technique for becoming a Laker dancer. She was passed over more than once. When asked how many times she was rejected by the L.A. Lakers, she said "No is always the beginning of negotiation".  Incredible way to look at things.


I know I have heard talks about getting past a "No" response when you are asking.  I…


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"Damp Gloves?"~GREEN Inspirations~February 9, 2011

We all know that you should hang up damp (or wet) mittens/gloves so that they can dry before the next wearing...Here's a way to help them dry a little faster without tossing them into the clothes dryer...If you're saving empty glass jars for reuse (and you should), pull each mitten/glove over the bottom of an empty jar and place the jar (bottom up, lid off) on top of the radiator or heating vent...The… Continue

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Finances: Pride will take you down

Added by GREGG PECHMANN on February 9, 2011 at 2:23am — 3 Comments

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