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Living A Legacy - Correcting Our Mistakes

My last post…about three weeks ago or so, I mentioned the idea that one thing we need to do to Live A Legacy is to correct our mistakes.

 Do you ever wish that our lives, actions, and tongues had an “auto-correct” feature, just like our Word or our smart phone text messaging?  What a great idea!  Everything in our lives would be corrected automatically before we said something hurtful, did something stupid, or just did not fully think out beforehand!

 It just don’t work that…


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Bulletproof! - How do we become "Bulletproof"?

First, a big thank you to Izmael Arkin for posting a comment that made me really think this out again.  Good follow-up questions!!!

In order to become “Bulletproof” at a task, I hedge my “cost ≤ benefit bet”.  I do this by knowing and actively managing my “self”.  To explore that, we will have to swim in the deep end of the thought pool…swim this lap with me and we shall learn as we go.

My first significant…


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Getting to the Right Direction

Well, it has been quite some time since I have been on here.  I wanted to go over a few things since my stroke that has helped me decide what I need to do for my future.  I have had a couple of ideas that seem to want to be in the lead, but haven't been able to choose the right one.  I think that has changed finally.  

Let me bring something to the forefront that helped me in my decision, I had a stroke in February this year.  I am doing quite well overall and rehab is going better…


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Limitless Love





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Are You A Leader? (Hint, You Are If You Choose To Be).

 "The very exercise of leadership fosters capacity for it." - Cyril Falls

Leadership. It is my belief that we have a real lack of good leadership during…


Added by Rick Seigmund on April 26, 2012 at 11:50am — 1 Comment

"hacer lo correcto vs hacer lo que quiero"

Un dilema que siempre aparece, desde el comienzo de nuestras vida. En una sociedad que nos ensenna que en la vida hay que tomar decisiones difíciles, la gran mayoría de esas “decisiones” esta entre hacer lo que quiero y lo que es correcto.

Obviamente, sin entrar en el área de la moral y la ética, hay cosas que puede que uno quiera hacer, pero que definitivamente no son correctas. Sin emabrgo, existen algunas decisiones que no trasgreden la ley, la ética, ni la moral, pero son…


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Group Leader
Smile and Wave!

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I drop my son Nicholas off at school in the mornings and in doing so I have to go through a car pool line. At the stop where he gets off there are a line of teachers waiting to escort the kids out of the cars and into the buildings.

I noticed at the beginning of this year, one particular lady was very intentional…


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Connecting your business to a charitable organization?

I’ve recently started a new business and as part of my model I would like to donate 10% of all sales to a charitable organization associated with the subject of my photography.  Has anyone else ever done this?  Any tips on how to locate a legitimate and honest organization, get the donations set up, intervals as when donations should be done, and any tax implications or additional record keeping that may need to be done?  I’d appreciate any input and ideas!  Thanks!

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Fatherhood, Faith, and the Outdoors

I feel a strong and consistent calling to get men outdoors.  There is a huge outdoor deficit among men today.  They are afraid or intimidated or just don’t get how important it is. 

I also see a huge father hunger among men for their own fathers, and doubts about fathering their own children.

My Christian faith has never been stronger, but I am so frustrated with organized churches.  Jesus went to the wilderness, or went up a mountain or off by himself to reconnect with his…


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¿Que habilidades describir en la hoja de vida?

Hay una gran dificultad a la hora de expresar nuestras habilidades en la hoja de vía. No sabemos que poner, primero, porque no sabemos como decirlas; segundo, si la definición que le doy a la habilidad es apropiada o no. Después de esto solo queda rezar que la persona que esta leyendo la hoja de vida entienda la fortaleza y la relacione a lo que esta buscando

Por otro lado, y aun más importante, necesita que las habilidades que describa le permitan aparecer  en las búsquedas que hacen…


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Bulletproof! - Why do we have periods of success and failure?

Be Bulletproof!!!

Pretty much everyone has heard the term “bulletproof”.  If you haven’t, email me and I’ll set you straight.  That said, I’m not sure if you have heard the expression in the context of leadership risk.

I’ve been lucky enough to have three mentors in the same organization explain it to me over my 25 year career therein.  Each time the term came up I was told I was the luckiest man on earth right now because I was the new guy and therefore I was “bulletproof”. …


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Strive For Greatness (Or at least set your bar higher)

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

That is the late Sir Edmund Hillary in the picture, on his ascent of Mt. Everest. I love the imagery in…


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Harmon's City Creek

Here is a review I did of a new grocery store in downtown Salt Lake. The place is fabulous: www.hometownslop.blogspot.com

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Thank you Dan for making me the …


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To Hire A Low Maintenance Team: Hire Character

I am one of those guys who does not always get to control the TV remote in my house.  Because of this dynamic, my desire to watch Deadliest Catch or SportsCenter is put on hold so my wife can watch one of her cooking shows.

One thing I often hear on these shows is to always start with the best ingredients:  really good vanilla, fresh vegetables or premium meats.  I see this as an essential for …


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016 Weight loss and healing power of spices (Part II)

Would you cook with spices if they are: (Jump to Podcast

Delicious, healing, contributing to weight loss, anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting, anti-bacterial (some spices kill bad bacteria…


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Am I Bankrupt?

Original Post: treys.us/Jzh3DA

If you're facing mounds of debt with few assets and poor cash flow,  it's common for this and other questions to plague your mind.  What if I get behind on payments?  Will I need to file bankruptcy to keep creditors from suing me or taking my property?

While everyone's situation is different, the good news is…


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Who Can I Not Live Without?

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Relationships are tough to manage. That’s why I don’t manage them, I invest in them. That’s the only way a relationship should be looked at; an investment. If you try to manage it, you’ll end stepping all over yourself because you’re only making decisions about what benefits…


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Launching my new business!

So my business idea has been in the planning and idea phase for awhile now, but I'm finally starting to get the wheels turning and decided to "launch" as best as I can! I need to cash flow the start of this until I have enough sales to create a solid web presence and a commerce web store, but I just started to roll out a business Facebook page yesterday and posted a print for sale on eBay (seller name: lekili79). I'm so excited! I'd be grateful for anyone to check out my eBay listing or…


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Can Pain Become Awesome

Izzy currently lives in Japan where he is pursuing his childhood dream to become a ninja. He hopes to inspire others to conquer the universe. To read more head on over to The 30 Year Old Ninja.

Early 2010…


Added by Izmael Arkin on April 24, 2012 at 6:38pm — 4 Comments

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