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Josh Ribble replied to Josh Ribble's discussion Looking for a decent mic in the group Filmmakers Unite
"Kent, thanks for the reply. I had actually stated a reply to your reply that same day but got interrupted by my family before I could complete something coherent. My setup so far is a Canon T4i with an 18-135 STM lens, two Logitech C920 webcams…"
Oct 12
Kent Bonham replied to Josh Ribble's discussion Looking for a decent mic in the group Filmmakers Unite
"Josh, I work in news at a TV station.  The standard set-up for you should be one lavaliere and one (mounted on the camera) shotgun mic.  You want to capture those voices just right and the lavaliere approach is best for sit-down…"
Sep 16

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Josh Ribble added a discussion to the group Filmmakers Unite

Looking for a decent mic

I'm just starting to dip my toe into video. I have my camera and a mini-mixer/recorder. The first projects I'm doing are documentary type. I will be using the mic(s) to interview one to two people at a time. Would I be better off to get a two lavalier setup or just use a quality shotgun? I want to get both, but to start, I just need one. It's really the only thing holding me back from starting. I've got a couple hundred dollars saved and just started delivering pizzas again to fund my…See More
Sep 16

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Josh Ribble commented on Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen"'s group 48 Days.net Weekly Brainstorming Sessions
"I have tried in the past to do that. I'm on the Zune until it gives up the ghost, so I use the Zune software. Only thing you can change is the genre, and that won't push it over."
Sep 10

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Josh Ribble commented on Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen"'s group 48 Days.net Weekly Brainstorming Sessions
"Jen, thanks for the update. I don't want you to think I was suggesting that it be put on iTunes or any other directory. It could, however, sport its own RSS feed to allow the 48days community to be able to access it. That way, it stays in-house…"
Sep 10

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Josh Ribble commented on Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen"'s group 48 Days.net Weekly Brainstorming Sessions
"Has anyone considered making it available via a podcast? If the link were even only available as a link on this page, that would be awesome. The only time I really have to listen is at work. I know it's available to download, but things I have…"
Sep 8

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Josh Ribble commented on Josh Ribble's group Embracing Introvertedness
"I was listening to the Family Life Today podcast, in the episode "Making Sense of the Differences," they talked a lot about introversion and extroversion in marriage. I haven't listened to the other two episodes yet since they are…"
Sep 4
John Satterfield replied to Josh Ribble's discussion Informal poll: What would you like to get out of this group. in the group Embracing Introvertedness
"Ok I will go first.   First thing I would like to see is ways we as introverts recharge ourselves quickly and regularly.  For example I went shopping with my wife yesterday for about 5 or 6 hours.  Yes some of my need to recharge is…"
Aug 30

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Josh Ribble added 2 discussions to the group Embracing Introvertedness
Aug 25
Sandi Bostian joined Josh Ribble's group

Embracing Introvertedness

Embracing Strengths, Overcoming ProclivitiesSee More
Aug 25

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Josh Ribble replied to Douglas Bartholomew's discussion WAV file will not open. =/ in the group Computer & Tech Help
"If all else fails, I would agree with VLC playing it and then recording it in another program, like Audacity or similar. I'm assuming you already know how to record what you hear, if not here's how to enable it on Vista/7."
Aug 14

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Lynne Watts commented on Josh Ribble's group Embracing Introvertedness
"Join The Called Woman Creative Team on Sunday, August 24th at 8pm EST when Kathy Brunner and Lynne Watts will share valuable information on: Find Your Calling--Reinvent Your Life for Creatives Sign up here:  http://acalledwoman.com/teleseminars/"
Aug 13
Leslie Chukwuma commented on Josh Ribble's group Embracing Introvertedness
"That's a novel idea, a special way to include everyone."
Aug 6

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Josh Ribble commented on Josh Ribble's group Embracing Introvertedness
"I love ingenuity. Here's another video about a new take on an old idea. Helps me keep my wheels spinning. Sometimes ideas are only crazy until realized."
Aug 4

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Josh Ribble joined Jason Garey's group

Reel Connections: Using the power of video to Engage, Inspire and Educate your audience.

Video continues to grow in popularity and effectiveness in sharing a piece of ourselves with the world. Join us as we share our experiences, best practices and tips to better connect with and captivate others through video.See More
Jul 29

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Josh Ribble joined Jeff Long's group

Media Money Makers

Discussions on how to use video, media, blogs, podcasts and more to gain a marketing, financial and competitive edge. Tips, tricks and ideas from the pros.See More
Jul 29

Profile Information

How did you hear about 48Days.NET, and what do you hope to get out of being a part of this community?
Heard from Dave Ramsey. Motivation and expansion of ideas to move me towards my dreams.
What is your current work situation? Employee, self-employed, generating any income on your own?
Work as a machinist during the days and deliver pizza a few nights a week. I do some computer work on the side.
And then...what is your goal/dream for your work life?
I want to bring new things to market. I would like to own restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, and rental houses.
How about your personal life? Any specific goals or achievements or dreams you are pursuing (or want to pursue)?
I am finally persuing some interests in my life to see what happens. I've always dreamed doing something in cinematography and like history and documentaries. I believe it compliments my personality style. Over the next year or two I will be persuing videography and podcasting.
What would you say are your strongest talents? How are you 'wired' and what can you offer to the world (it's OK if you don't know yet, but knowing is key to pursuing your dreams!)?
I'm a big dreamer. Detail oriented, quality driven. I get satisfaction from a satisfied customer or a job done well and am always looking for ways to improve my methods while challenging old standards. I'm a quick learner that builds upon the basics of knowledge gained.

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At 6:40am on September 21, 2012, Sandy Pipkin said…

Josh, you asked me about working with extroverts vs introverts as their sales manager. Neither is easier, just different.  With an introvert I may be more subtle, because they will be more likely to self-evaluate and self-correct. With extroverts, more direct instruction is used.  

Extroverts may not realize they come on too strong for some customers, and introverts may need more work with rapport-building. Each have their own challenges. I probably see it that way because I value both types instead of seeing one as deficient.

I will say that I'm a more effective manager when I am introspective. It takes well-planned conversations to bring constructive correction.

At 4:39am on September 21, 2012, Shundra Jackson said…

Thanks Josh for the welcome!  I hope as time goes by, more introverts will join us so that we can create a community where we embrace and support who we all are.

At 9:29am on September 15, 2012, David F. Tomkins said…


 Thanks for the welcome. I am hoping tho learn somethings about me not only in the Embracing Introvertedness group but other groups I have recently joined at 48 days and Yes I actually have read through a Mackie Mixer board intructions/owners manual. That is how I actually started learning about sound and audio 6 years ago. Yes they bring it to a level you can actually understand.

At 10:07am on August 2, 2012, Joey Phillips said…

Great suggestions. I listened to Michael Hyatt's podcast. A lot of good stuff there. So much that I'm going to listen again and take notes this time. I added my Twitter feed and am trying to post more. I've added a feature I call "Free Sci-Fi Friday" where I post old, classic Science Fiction movies and TV shows (that are in the Public Domain) that can be watched right on the blog.

As for the welcome video...I had actually recorded another, more condensed version a few months back. Unfortunately, before I could upload it and switch it out with the current one, my laptop's hard drive crashed. So now I need to record another one. One of those things that I don't particularly enjoy doing. :-(

The time I can spend on the blog is limited. I'm considering trying to get some others to guest post. That will help me keep it fresh as well as get other perspectives on the world of Science Fiction [not to mention I lean heavily toward Star Trek in the majority of my posts. :-)].

Thanks for the ideas. Let me know if you have any more. I'm really hoping to get my readership up. Maybe you could recommend The Sci-Fi Dude. 

At 9:13pm on July 23, 2012, Andrea Mullen said…

Ah gotcha...My field is librarianship. I graduated in the fall of 2011 and have yet to find a full time job in the field (many of my peers are facing similar circumstances).

At 10:48pm on July 22, 2012, Andrea Mullen said…

Hello Josh!

I have not read through Susan Cain's Quiet book yet (I am in the middle of several books that I haven't yet gotten to finishing), but I'm already finding it affirmative and helpful. Which "field" do you mean?

At 5:28am on July 14, 2012, Bryan Butz said…

Thank you so much. Over the past couple of years I have been on a journey of self awareness. I just recently took the DISC profile and quite frankly was amazed at the accuracy of it. I am currently studying the report and trying to learn more about myself and how I interact with others. I am sure it will be a huge help to understand what makes me tick.

At 8:09pm on July 12, 2012, Bryan Entzminger said…

Thanks Josh. I'm still working on the whole discovering my passion thing. It seems like there are a lot of things I like but sometimes I feel disconnected from those.

I was praying about it the other day and I remember that I used to be able to dream. Just trying to remember how. Thanks for asking.

At 9:23pm on July 9, 2012, Joey Phillips said…


You can definitely count me with you as one of the few that liked (really, really liked)  Enterprise and Captain Archer. They are both my 2nd favorite Trek series and captain! It was particularly painful for me when Enterprise was axed! After Picard, Archer, and Kirk, Janeway is my next choice. Loved Voyager. Just finished re-watching the entire series start to finish thanks to Netflix. Now I'm working back through Enterprise. I've always considered DS9 and Sisko the weakest of the series' and captains (although I always enjoyed the confrontations between that Ferengi Quark and Constable Odo).

Warehouse 13 is a terrific show. I'm also fond of Torchwood.

If you have any suggestions for making my blog better, I'd love to hear them.

At 6:54am on July 6, 2012, Joey Phillips said…

Hey Josh,

Thanks for the welcome and for starting the group. To be honest, I've put the novels on hold for awhile and am concentrating on short stories, as well as some non-fiction (check out my blog if you'd like). I have completed a few stories but nothing published yet. I'm actually thinking of publishing a collection of stories on Amazon. My favorite captain? Jean-Luc Picard. Who's yours?

Oh, I also really, really love classic Sci-Fi books, short stories, and movies.

I know what you mean about the border. I always dread stripping wallpaper, especially if the wall wasn't prepped correctly before it was put on. There's a 5-step process I use. Here's the quick version:

1) Use perforating tool on the border (course sandpaper sometimes works...and it's cheaper)

2) Mix warm water and wallpaper stripper (fabric softener might work, too) in a sprayer.

3) Saturate the border

4) Let it sit for 20-30 minutes

5) Peel it off

Be sure to wash off any left over paste. If you don't, your paint might just slide right down the wall. 

Let me know how the painting project goes and if you need any more tips, just let me know.

I'm looking forward to interacting in the group and seeing it grow. I know there are tons and tons of introverts out there. I think they're just too shy to join the group...


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