Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!


Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!

Whether you are just getting started as a writer or are already a published author, this group is for you. It's not just about how to write, but how to earn income as an author. Join us if your desire is to turn your passion for writing into profit!

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Comment by Susan C. Foster 1 hour ago

Thanks Aaron Kerr for reminding me of something so simple on writing as I've often forgotten that the point is just to write.  As a writing teacher of mine said once:  Breathe.  Begin again.

Group Leader
Comment by Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen" yesterday

Margaret - welcome! Loved seeing all the feedback you got from the group. 

John, great to see all you are doing!!! 

Comment by Bob Wilson yesterday

Happy Bday Kent!  I appreciate all you do!


Group Leader
Comment by Kent Julian yesterday

Thanks Erin :)

Group Leader
Comment by Kent Julian yesterday

Margaret, welcome to the Write It Forward group. So glad to have you here.

I'm not going to share any extra advice here because you're getting great thoughts from everyone. Thank you to the Write It Forward team!!!! I so appreciate all of you.

One thought for the future, Margaret, is when you have a question that you think will get a lot of responses and interaction (e.g. like this one), start a discussion in our Discussion Forum above (see attached picture for how to start a discussion in the Discussion Forum). This way, you'll be able to track people's answers and you'll be able to go back and review what was said. By asking your question on the Comment Wall, it will soon be hard to find because the Comment Wall is almost 500 pages long and will continue to grow as more comments are left.

Think of it this way...the Comment Wall is for quick shout outs, simple thoughts, and sharing victories. The Discussion Forum is for in depth questions.

One last thing. I share this from time to time for everyone to read because it helps new people know how to use this Group better. Sometimes when I share, a person feels bad because they think they made a mistake. Asking a question on the Comment Wall is not a mistake at all. You can ask a question wherever you like, I'm just sharing these thoughts to help you and others know the best places to put things so that you can find them later :) 

Again, welcome to our group. Hope this idea helps you get the most out of your involvement here!

Comment by Erin Casey yesterday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kent Julian!! Thanks for leading the way for this group. You are awesome!

Comment by John Henderson on Wednesday
Thanks buddy!

The way I have my clients books (as well as mine) critiqued is through beta readers. I'm sure there are lots of people in this group who would love to help out. I'm sure you could post a link here to your content and get great feedback.

In my course I have clients submit manuscripts to 25 beta readers and we can usually count on getting back about 15 reviews.

These are pretty good numbers to shoot for.

Hope that helps.

I have a free guide that outlines what we do in Zero to Author that may help you out. If you'd like it let me know.

Take care,
Comment by Erin Casey on Wednesday

Alex, I wrote that post this morning. It really is a question I get and talk about a lot... so it's not like I'm starting from scratch because it's part of my message. ;) Those kinds of posts (and books) always come together more quickly. But I feel your pain! For me, if a draft of blog post doesn't get completed when I'm thinking about it, it rarely gets posted. I have to at least get a draft done, and then I can come back and edit it later. 

Comment by Alex Pickens on Wednesday

Erin, I read the blog and would like to know if you wrote after the mastermind group or since reading Margaret's words.  If you wrote the blog this morning, how do you get in and out of the blog post in a timely manner?  I start posts but do not have a 24 hour turnaround like "Do I Have Anything New to Say".  I labor over the work and sometimes end up with 2-3 drafts of good ideas and starts but no finishes.

Grateful for your blog.  I tried to comment on the phone but the link didn't work.  I'll try on the desktop.

Comment by Erin Casey on Wednesday

Hi Margaret, sometimes you get ideas from questions that people ask! I was just talking with someone from my mastermind group about your same question yesterday. Wondering if you have anything new to say is a very common concern for writers. But YOU DO have something to share. I'm sure of it. I wrote a blog post with a few ideas. I hope it helps! --> Do I Have Anything New to Say?



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