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Hi Gang,

This weekend I am sitting here purposely having a lounge around type of weekend with my family and am planning on diving into some reading while they are out playing. It occurred to me how nice it would be to have a collection of what books/materials everyone has written along with their links attached to them for easy access.

Usually we hear of what people may be working on, but it isn't always easy to see what we all have written. 

Would love to have people add on as they go as it not only would be a good resource for us all to see, but would give a great picture as to how diverse our incredible group is in their writing styles, talents, etc.

So, here it goes.

Living Beyond Awesome - Story of a journey to Ironman Triathlon. Motivational example of how we all have incredible abilities to do extraordinary things in life even when we attempt the impossible.

What have your written and where can we find it? We wanna know!!! 

Live Beyond Awesome.


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Hey Jen,

Great idea!  You're right - this will make a great resource page going forward.

Both my books to date are available at Daily Deposits for the SoulDaily Deposits for the Soul is a 30-day guide to applying biblical principles toward living an abundant life.  It differs from a devotional because it prompts you to take actions that will result in a more fulfilling life, because faith without works is dead.  Daily Deposits for the Soul: The Personal Journal is a companion journal for recording your thoughts, recollections, and decisions from each day's "deposit."

The title was inspired by Dan Miller, who also was kind enough to write the book's Introduction.

Great idea, Jen!

I published my first novel in August 2011 - Jak and the Scarlet Thread. My goal is to take young adults/tweens on a fantasy adventure through the entire Bible starting with the tumultuous first nine chapters of Genesis.  I've been overwhelmed by the response from kids, parents and ministry leaders. Here's a summary: 

"Death. It's the one experience everyone will share...except, perhaps, for Jak Hamelton. An old book whirls Jak back to a particular garden paradise where he meets a man and a woman who get into trouble with a snake, which swings the door wide open for death and evil to invade the Earth. When a mysterious benefactor named El offers Jak the opportunity to bring the dead back to life and live forever, it sounds like an impossible dream. But after Jak's grandfather unexpectedly begins aging backwards, it appears the dream just might be reality.

However, the weapon Jak's been given to defeat death and evil doesn't even work yet, and the serpent Beelz isn't willing to give up the Earth without a fight. Besides that, there's the poison...

Is it really true that the dead can live forever? What will it take to restore paradise?"

Jak and the Scarlet Thread is available on Amazon (paper copy or Kindle) or on my website, www.nathanjanderson.net.  

Love this, Jen. I'm going to post my own book, along with those I've edited (varied as they are, they're all good reading). :)

My children's book series is Zany Zia's Hats to Where. The first book, An All Knight Adventure, is available now. The second book, An Unexpected Friendship, will be available very soon.

Zany Zia’s Hat’s to Where: An All Knight Adventure

While at the circus, Evan Tanner runs inside Zany Zia's Hats to Where to escape a bully. The shop is filled with every kind of hat imaginable. Zany Zia, the shop's gypsy owner, invites Evan to put on the knight's helmet. When he does, he is transported to the middle ages. Suddenly, he's a page living in a knight's castle. Throughout several adventures and mishaps, Evan learns that courage isn't about not being afraid, but about facing your fears—or a fire-breathing dragon.

Zany Zia’s Hats to Where: An Unlikely Friendship

Mariana just moved to Mayfield and feels so lonely! When she visits Zany’s Zia’s Hats to Where, she tries on a beautiful Native American headband and finds herself the middle of a feud between Indians and Texas ranchers! It’s a Wild West adventure that takes Mariana out of her comfort zone and teaches her about making new friends in unlikely circumstances.



Clients' Books

The 7 Minute Solution by Allyson Lewis

With The 7 Minute Solution, you can be a different person tomorrow from the person you are today—more energetic, more resilient, and more positive. A straightforward, inspirational process for getting from where you are to where you want to be, The 7 Minute Solution will help you in your relationships, personal life, career, and health. Allyson Lewis is a renowned time-management expert, productivity speaker, and financial adviser who has spent the last twenty-seven years developing and teaching concrete, actionable business ideas to executives all over the country. Now, in The 7 Minute Solution, she shares these winning techniques and explains how you can apply them to all aspects of life.

Lewis offers simple, effective strategies to help you prioritize, organize, and simplify your life for greater meaning and productivity. By breaking down big-picture goals into tiny, manageable, daily actions, you will find that you are able to achieve more than you ever have before. First, you will learn your “7 vital signs of living with meaning”—conscious awareness, motivation, growing and learning, engaging, persevering, living in flow, and living with faith. Then, you will bring each one into clear focus and balance with practical tools and techniques such as “5 before 11” (accomplishing five high-value tasks before 11:00 a.m. every day) and “7 Big-Life Questions,” which shows how to evaluate what’s most significant in the long term.

Applying proven, practical science, backed up with plenty of real-life human stories, The 7 Minute Solution tackles sometimes overwhelming challenges in manageable chunks. It is a process for creating an open mind-set so that you can respond to opportunities for learning and growing, engaging and giving; a book for businesspeople looking to increase their productivity and effectiveness as well as for anyone looking to deepen and grow personal relationships.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

No gimmicks. No Hyperbole. No Magic Bullet. The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny. Little, everyday decisions will either take you to the life you desire or to disaster by default. Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, presents The Compound Effect, a distillation of the fundamental principles that have guided the most phenomenal achievements in business, relationships, and beyond. This easy-to-use, step-by-step operating system allows you to multiply your success, chart your progress, and achieve any desire. If you’re serious about living an extraordinary life, use the power of The Compound Effect to create the success you want.


Upside Down by Gregg Pechmann

What do you do when you can’t afford your mortgage? Where do you turn when you don’t want to file for bankruptcy but can’t see any other way out of your financial crisis? How do you manage to breathe when your debt is crushing you?

Gregg Pechmann answers these questions and many more in Upside Down: How We Survived 7 Short Sales. With his wife, Sharon, Gregg shares a story of determination, hope, and healing. You’ll learn:

  • How to fight back financially, even if you’re more than $6 million in real estate debt
  • Why Bankruptcy isn’t the only option
  • Why you must unite as a family
  • How to find an awesome real estate agent to help you
  • Who you should have on your team
  • How to dream again!

You can fight the short-sale battle and win. Upside Down will show you how.


Beekeeping: A Personal Journey by Dennis Brown

 Most books on beekeeping describe how to perform beekeeping tasks. These books talk mostly about the mechanical parts of beekeeping. There are many beekeeping books on the market for you to choose from. You could, in most cases, remove the title from one of those books and post it on another without noticing any difference. When writing this book I wanted to blend the mechanical parts of beekeeping with the passion beekeepers feel when working with their bees.

 This book is written not only for the hobby beekeeper but also for the commercial beekeeper. I have, over the many years, challenged some of the long standing techniques of beekeeping and have either modified some of them or created new ones. For me, these improvements have worked better for today’s lifestyle. In this book I share some of those techniques with you along with my own philosophy about raising stronger and healthier bees without placing any chemicals or pesticides inside the hive. I hope that you enjoy reading this book and that the information teaches you how to work your bees smarter and with passion.

~ Dennis Brown

Awesome Jen!

Mine is: You Can Sleep In Your Car But You Can't Drive Your House To Work.  How I overcame depression, foreclosure, addiction and homelessness by expressing gratitude.  


Sutton Parks


Great post, Jen!  Thanks for creating this opportunity.

I enjoy blogging about God, family, good books, and the outdoors.  My blog:  Trails of Life

My first short story, The Better Country, is historical fiction set during the Civil War.  (download a free copy using coupon code LA29L)

My second short story, Two Lions, is suspense and the setting is Africa.  (download a free copy using coupon code FH87M)

My novel, The Guide, is a Christian allegory and outdoor adventure tale.  Available in paperback on amazon, but you can read excerpts from my blog.

I write fictional stories in order to share God's love and His message in a unique way.  I do love great sermons, but Jesus also used the power of the story to share many great truths.

thanks again,


Hi Jen:

Here are my four books:

Save Yourself! The Plain Truth (Christian 2007)

The world is becoming more chaotic every day. Disease, famine, earthquakes, fires, floods, crime, killing and senseless death are rampant. Questions are swirling about the end of the world coming in December 2012.

What if it's true and you aren't prepared?

What if you aren't ready for Judgment Day before God?

What if God really does exist and you miss it?

What if you literally die because of lack of knowledge?

Save Yourself! The Plain Truth answers questions about God in simple to understand language, using a minimal of Bible quotes. Written for those who have questions but not answers. The book is packed with commonly asked questions, such as:

If God exists, why is there suffering?

Why doesn't God answer your prayers?

What is your purpose in life?

Why do people kill in the name of God?

Why does God seem so angry and mean?

Why should you care about Satan?

When is the end of the world?

Is going to church really necessary to be a good person?

What does it means to be "saved?"

Does God work through psychics or palm readers?

Why are Christians so judgmental?

How do you avoid hell?

People who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives ultimately have questions about God. Ignoring God's truth causes us the most pain and suffering. Jesus knew the truth had to be simple to reach those who needed him the most.

Save Yourself! The Plain Truth gives it to you straight with no sugar coating - the good, the bad and the ugly of understanding God. You don't need to be a Biblical scholar to "get it." Key elements are simplified to increase your understanding of God, Jesus, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. Learn what you need to know before it’s too late.


Our Differences Define Us (Children's 2012)

Let's face it, we're all different.

Our Differences Define Us is three separate poems about being different:

I Only See, is about seeing things that make a person unique as a person and not the physical handicaps that make someone look or act differently.

We're All Weird, reassures us that everybody is weird – whether you have glasses, a big nose, wild hair, wear the wrong clothes, have a funny voice or any other thing that makes you feel different.

X-Ray Vision, explores what it would be like if we had x-ray vision. What would the world be like if we only saw what was on the inside, instead of the outside?

Our Differences Define Us Promise is a pledge to live from the inside out and to be different – which is perfectly normal!

Be Weird. Be Odd. Be Different.


Becoming a Warrior (Children's 2011)

In Africa, every young boy passes into manhood by proving he is a brave warrior. Sakeluk is only 12 years old but it is time for him to begin his training. His first test is sleeping alone by the fire. As he huddles by the fire, listening to the night sounds, he recalls his own father's bravery as a young man when he saved their village from a marauding lion.

Becoming a Warrior is the first book in the Beautiful Africa series. The allure of Africa calls us all. The Beautiful Africa series mixes the simplicity of the people, with the complexity of the various cultures, while maintaining the authenticity of the harsh reality of life in Africa. It reminds us all of our deepest roots as human beings.


River of Life (Children's 2011)

Water in Africa is essential for life for both humans and animals. Humans use river water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes and watering crops. River of Life illustrates how children play an integral role in the family's survival by making a long, often dangerous, trek every day to fetch water from the river. The story begins with the dry season (where water is scarce) and concludes with the restoration of life as the rain brings the wet season.

River of Life is the second book in the Beautiful Africa series. The allure of Africa calls us all. The Beautiful Africa series mixes the simplicity of the people with the complexity of the various cultures while maintaining the authenticity of the harsh reality of life in Africa. It reminds us all of our deepest roots as human beings.


That's it for now... more coming!


Hey Jen, I finished my book in October 101 Strategies To Combat Worry. Experience of a twenty year journey through recovery. A collection of practical tools for changing your thinking and your life. Available at www.drworry.com

Thanks Jen

Keith Smith aka Dr. worry

Hi Jen,

Awesome idea. My first book is "Tales of the Everyday Workingman and Woman" is about my journey through many different companies, the stuggles and trials and how they led me to my true passion. It's a story about an average worker from an average worker. You can find it at talesofwork.com the book has done well.


Check it out!

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