Youtube is the second largest search engine now and one thing that I have learned is that the use of transcripts can help your search results.

Google can't see what your video is about, so by typing out your transcript in Note Pad, and uploading it to your Youtube video, Google has words to use and can make your video more search friendly.

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Josh, this is a new one, but I think you may be referring to the Copy... Can you check out my Videos here and tell me if I included Transcripts in mine already?

Hey Rob, all I see is the speech recognition option. So Google is trying to see your video, but not getting all the words right. Did you upload a file for youtube to attach to your video?

Head to your Video Manager page and hit the edit button on one of your videos. Look at the tabs at the top and you'll see Captions. I use transcript file mode. I admit I'm a little lazy to add in the time codes. You can upload a transcript file here and youtube will sync it to you video.

Okay, I found it thanks!.... Now, I'm probably a little uneducated here with Transcripts... So let me guess, are transcripts the wording or play-out of what my video is saying? Is it just the "script", hence the term transcript?

You got it. You type everything that you are saying. Making your words searchable by Google and youtube.

Awesome, Thanks Josh...

I've heard rumours that Google will soon be indexing audio and video files for search results...sounds both scary and cool.

I find using teasers and show notes is generally enough to get indexed for the keywords I'm targeting. Full transcripts sound like an additional post for backlinks. 

It already uses voice recognition to try to add closed captioning if you don't upload an transcript. It gets some things wrong but still is crazy what is happening.


Please forgive my ignorance.  I have a lot to learn, but you mentioned a couple things that peaked my interest.  

Could you explain what you mean by the term "show notes" and how you use them?

In your last sentence, I'm assuming you mean you could put a full transcript as a post on your blog and create backlinks to a youtube video to help the videos ranking...is that right?



Check it out!

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