Curious if anyone has thoughts on this:

What are the best video editing software you would recommend?

Have you ever heard of Camtasia? Review?

Also, does Video Editing Software typically come with green screen editing capabilities, or would you download those separately?

All new to this stuff, and any knowledge I learn along the way I'm going to be sure to share it...

But so far, I've been able to do some cool stuff with just Windows Movie Maker....

Thanks all!

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It depends on your budget.  I use Final Cut Pro and Adobe Production Premium, but I do video and web design full time.  I also use Screenflow for my screen capture videos.  I'm on a Mac, and want quality video editors which enable to make high quality videos.  It sounds like you're on a PC.  I'm not sure what all you want to do, but I believe Adobe Premiere Elements would be a good option to look at.  

Many low end video editors come with greenscreen options built in.  The important thing with greenscreen is to have the proper lighting on the green background and yourself, which gives you a good key.  Making a good greenscreen video also depends on what camera you're using.  Thankfully technology has made it easier than even a few years ago.

Thanks Jeff... Appreciate you sharing those resources! I'm really experimenting right now with what I can do. I used to use a Mac when I recorded music in Pro-Tools, and I can sure believe that Video is just as and if not more stronger with a Mac... I am on PC right now, but not forever... I don't know where the Video stuff is taking me, but it looks like I'm going to start having a lot of fun with this.... Thanks again

Hi Rob,

All my videos so far have been done exclusively with Premier Elements 9 (with even my screen captures being filtered through it before final output). I went with Premier because it appeared from comparing boxes that it allows for unlimited video/audio tracks where the others seemed to place a limit, and because I use Adobe design tools in most other areas that it would be an easier step up if I go with the production premium package in the future (which I have purchased but haven't installed yet).

For screen capturing from PowerPoint 2007, I use Applian's Replay Video Capture (I purchased the whole suite of tools but really only use two/three). This program works great when recording webinars/teleseminars where the presenter doesn't plan on recording it themselves, or if the recording will be a paid for product but the live is free. (Though this shouldn't give you any ideas. ;)

Jeff's recommendations about green screen and lighting are spot on! I haven't used the specific green screen filters in Premiere Elements yet, but I have used other Keying effects to give my scripture verses a fade effect on the top and bottom of the screen.

I have heard of Camtasia and have heard good things about it, but have never used it to know how it compares to other screen capture/video editing software.

Hope this helps.


I've done just a little research on this for myself and the info I found also emphasized the lighting for green screen, like Rob said. 

I was looking at Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 as a step-up from windows moviemaker and it does have green screen capabilities.  Josh Rickard (48days member & member of this group) was the one that told me about PowerDirector and it retails around $50.  So, it offers a low-cost option.  I haven't purchased it yet and I'll also be curious to see what others may suggest.

Yes, I do use Power Director 10 and it has green screen capabilities through the Chroma Key option. I haven't played around with it though. I also got the ultra version and have been happy with it. The only complaint that I have is it has a bug on certain graphics cards that makes converting AVCHD files to MEG2 (For DVD production) awful. There is a very simple workaround but though you should know. If your camera doesn't record in AVCHD then no worries.

I would download the 30 day trial version for free and see what you think. I would also try Sony Vegas.  I also think Abode Elements that Jeff mentioned has free trail download too. The three are all mid range and competitors of each other. Start playing today.

You'll find a difference in moving up from Movie Maker.

Guys, thanks so much! A step up is what I need, and it sounds these are the way to go... I'll keep you posted on what I do, and how it works for me. Again, Thanks!

Everyone thanks for all the fantastic advice... I've been out of the picture, but I just downloaded Elements 10 for the first trial and using it now... I'll give the other guys a shot on the trial basis as well for each video.... Thanks again all... I'll let you know how it goes...

Hi Rob,

While my version of Premiere Elements is one number older than yours, if you have a question about something, then feel free to message me and ask. While I might not be able to answer every question, I might be able to lessen the learning curve.


Thanks again Cam... I'll be sure to do that!

You're welcome Rob.

I use Screenflow on my Mac for screen catching and editing. Final Cut X I use for movies I import. 

Thanks Trevor... And I do desire a Mac! That's on the near future purchase list...


Check it out!

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