2 years ago when I attended Kent’s Speak It event, I was in awe that he was getting $2,400 a talk as a youth speaker. The thought of getting even half that seemed impossible.

If any of you have been in a race before, you can probably relate that getting coached by Kent has been a little like having that runner or biker in front of you during a race. In a race, having your “focused targets” is such a motivating factor to push yourself just a little farther than you normally would have compared to if you were running alone. To me, Kent seemed barely visible off in the distance, but slowly step by step, it feels so fantastic to be reeling in closer and closer. Of course he has made it easy by leaving lots of bread crumbs of advice, wisdom and teachings along the way which has definitely lead to where many of us are at today.

Thrilled to share that indeed after 24 months, my out of state speaker fee matches that impossible goal of $2,400 (almost made $2,401 just because).

In addition, my fourth book will be totally geared towards my market – at a half million people in this particular market, my goal is to have a 6-10% book sales goal in the next 3-5 years. At the low end of 6% the low end of $7 profit for each book that is a $210,000 profit – NOT bad! Again something Kent teaches at SIF.

Besides being beyond over the top thrilled at having found a market that I LOVE to serve, I am excited to find that my speaking fees fit well within their market value. This was found after interviewing event organizers (Kent teaches this in SIF).

Best wishes to those attending SIF –- you are going to have a blast. If you are still thinking of attending, last I heard there were 2 spots open and registration closes tomorrow. If you are interested in going, please click HERE for my affiliate link or HERE for a non affiliate link – you definitely won’t regret.

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Wow Jen, you are really do this.  That is great to hear, you are wonderful testimonial.  Keep it up, you are motivating the heck out of me!

ahhhh...thanks Kimberley!!!

Congrats Jen! So proud of you.

I still remember the day you registered for the Speak It Forward Boot Camp. You said, "Look me in the eyes and guarantee to me that I can do this."

My response? "If you work the step-by-step system I teach, the system WILL work for you." That's exactly what you did! 

I also told you it would likley take you 6-12 months to launch and 18-36 months to gain this kind of traction. Again, you did it. Outstanding!!

Kent, YES, I DO remember that day VERY clearly. You were totally spot on for the dates - seems so hard to see at the time, but having that timeline really helped. Even if it is a little longer WHO cares right? Still gets it done.

Kent, thank you again...you are awesome!


BTW...everyone reading this, be like Jen and launch your speaking career via the Speak It Forward Boot Camp.

But you better hurry, only 2 seats left and registration ends after April 25!

Great testimony, Jen, to the power of perseverance and focus.  Kudos.  I've spoken for years but need to focus further to hit my true potential and to work smarter not harder.  This is the year I narrow my niche!  I have been doing so lately with significant results: 4, four-figure talks this month! Thanks for the push!

Thanks Bill!! HA! I think we ALL need to be reminded to work smarter not harder. Good for you on narrowing down your narrowed niche! Wow! 4 four figure talks this month - Bill that is outstanding!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Bill - that's wonderful - 4, four-figure talks this month and narrowing your niche!  Congrats!


ps I got the book you suggested and am loving it so far...

Jen, I have enjoyed following your journey. Congratulations on your accomplishments. You are a great inspiration. Keep up the terrific work! And, I can't wait!! I will be attending Kent's Speak It Forward (SIF) Boot Camp that begins on May 8th. I know I will learn a lot.

Can't wait to see you there, Angela!

Ahhh..thanks Angela. It has really been a blast and I am so grateful to Dan, Kent and the group. You are going to have a blast at SIF May 8th - definitely worth the investment!!! 


Thanks for sharing this testimonial and your experience.  It's been very inspiring to see your progress and I'm so happy for you!  Wish I was able to attend SIF this year, but it will have to wait until 2015 for me.  I'm looking very forward to it!  



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