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I am in the process of starting up a life and career transitions coaching business. I have been doing lots of research and yet I feel more confused than when I before I started. Any ideas where can I find an up to date pricing model for a coaching business.


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Lainie, WELCOME to the group!

I have re-posted my earlier reply below so the others will have it.

With my coaching business I have several different models in place.

1) $150 per hour for one-on-one coaching (I rarely use this model unless I am conducting a turnaround assessment for a business or something major)

2) $395 for a three month program that includes 3 face to face sessions spread over a 3 month period with unlimited access via e-mail.

3) 2% of Gross Income (Typically reserved for single moms, widows and others who are on a limited income) 

4) $75 for a group session consisting of not more than 2 sessions.

The 3 month model is the most popular.....although group sessions can offer a really good return if you can align with a local community college and teach the course as part of their community education or adult education programs. Most group session pricing ranges from $25 each to $75 each and you can set a required number of participants for the class to make.

Can't wait to see what the others have to offer. We have several coaches in the group. (Randell, Rob, etc)


You will likely find pricing that is all over the board.

Depending on your location, population density, your experience and a miriad of other issues.

One word of caution - Do not sell yourself short. You will find that underpricing your services can be a problem because people won't consider you to be a top professional and/or expert.

Most I have see range from $50 to $150 per hour although I have seen a few (mostly well seasoned coaches) who are in the $400 range.

You also have to factor in the number of (behind the scene) hours you will need for each client. IE: If you have a 1 hour training session but spend 4 hours behind the scenes.....you need to roll some/all of that time into your price model.

I don't think we have had a discussion on fees in the Real Businiess Solution Center group but feel free to start a discussion there as well.

Any of the other coaches willing to share their price model?

Lainie, one other thing I will say is that you need to build in multipple revenue streams. Coaching fees are certainly a cornerstone but you need more. Perhaps from e-books, affiliate programs, a-stores, etc.

Thank you so much for your detailed response. It's funny, I have been putting a lot of work into getting specs together for my coaching venture that I totally neglected the multiple revenue streams aspect. I am going to create a couple of e-books to put myself out there more. Thanks again!


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