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My name is Cliff Ravenscraft and I am a full-time podcast producer, consultant and coach.  I have been podcasting since December of 2005 and have published well well over 3,000 episodes of more than 20 podcasts which you browse through by visiting http://gspn.tv/shows.

I'm helped thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations launch successful podcasts.  I know that many of us enjoy listening to Dan's 48 Days Podcast on a weekly basis. I'm here to tell you that you can have your own podcast to help provide valuable information to your niche market. I'd love to help you build your personal brand with an audio podcast!  The best to start is by going to the Learn How To Podcast tutorial at http://LearnHowToPodcast.com.

Want to learn how to podcast or take your existing show to the next level?  I have well over 300 hours of free advice, tips, and answers to the most commonly asked questions in my Podcast Answer Man Podcast.

I also have many step-by-step tutorials related to the things that I am most often hired to help people with.  You can check ou these tutorials at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/products.  

If you would like someone to be there with them during each step in the process of setting up your podcast, I encourage you to check out my four week Podcasting A to Z course at http://PodcastingAtoZ.com.


Interested in seeing photos and videos of my podcasting studio setup and how it's transformed since 2005? If so, visit http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/studiosetup

Have you heard Dan's thoughts on podcasting? If not, click this audio file:

To hear what Dan has to say about my services, click this testimonial:

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The Podcast Answer Man Podcast

420 Ten Podcasting Tips From Mike Wendland – A Podcaster Who Gernerated Over 1 Million Downloads Within Ten Months

I recently received an email from Mike Wendland that said… “I bought your equipment package, worked through many of your tutorials and have listened to most, if not all of the Podcast Answer Man episodes. I also follow the Pursuing a Balanced Life podcast. I wanted to write you and let you know that my […]

419 – Four Questions That Will Help Grow Your Business

Four Questions That Will Help Grow Your Business (00:23:49) While I was in the UK for the New Media Europe Conference, I ran into several people who told me that they were working really hard to grow their business and with little results to show for it. When I asked them what they were doing […]

418 – Sharing Your Archives In Social Media & Field Interviews With The Roland R-05 Recorder

Why Aren’t Podcasters Sharing Links To Old Episodes In Social Media? Mark DeJesus recently sent me an email saying… “I notice a lot of people, including myself, bring up old blog articles to put into their facebook feed; to recycle them and expose past material to new followers. But I have not seen anyone do […]

417 – Live Streaming Your Podcast With Periscope – First Impressions of Blab.im – How To Link To A Specific Time Stamp Within Your Podcst

First Impression of Blab.im A few weeks ago, I heard about a service called Blab.im. This service allows you to stream live video from your iPhone just like periscope. However, it also allows you to stream live video from a desktop browser as well. Better than that, this service also allows you to have up […]

Periscope Tip: How to bring in audio from your mixer into your iPhone or iPad

I am so excited to announce that I have found a solution for bringing audio from my mixer into my iPhone or iPad so that that I can stream live on Periscope using my Heil microphones while also being able to include sound clips and jingles. To do this, I am using the iRig 2 […]

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