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Comment by Patrick Michael Green on April 29, 2016 at 7:31pm

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the group and I am hoping some of you will help me with a book I am writing.  It is about the journey from normal to Financial Freedom using a metaphorical approach.  The working title is Millionaire by 55.  It leverages learning from Dan Miller, Dave Ramsey and others that impacted me and allowed me to become a millionaire by 55 just by following biblical principles.

The help I need is stories from real people who have done it!  I would like to sprinkle them through the book similar to vignettes in the Total Money Makeover.  Would some of you be willing to share your Millionaire stories to give hope to others?

Comment by Chet M. Skwarcan on November 23, 2015 at 5:35pm

Hello all - new here.  As a Christian, I often sense the occasional tension between faith and making money; finding work I love versus "cursed is the ground for your sake; in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life"...

And as a free-lancer, a consulting engineer, I am used to making an income only when busy working.  Like a barber, if I'm not cutting hair, I'm not making any money.  So, I'm working on a book idea that I think will not only generate some level of income but more importantly, I believe the idea will help others be more effective at work and in life.

I look forward to sharing ideas and encouraging one another!

Group Leader
Comment by Michael Galvan on August 22, 2015 at 10:07am

Hi folks.  I wanted to share this business opportunity for anyone that may have an interest.

 The business opportunity involves an established party rental business in the Chicago land area. The owners have operated the business on a part time basis since 2009 and have been profitable from day 1. The business is relocatable, has a significant inventory of equipment ($76K), a customer data base, a website, a Facebook page, miscellaneous marketing items, and the owners will stay on for a reasonable time to train and support the new owner. This business is considered turnkey. The new owner only needs to come in and continue building the customer base. The asking price is $149k and the sellers will consider financing. This business could generate $100K in profits annually with the right marketing and business strategy.  This would be a great opportunity for an entrepreneur with good  people skills and marketing savvy.
Let me if you have further interest or any other questions. 

Comment by Nevin Hersch on July 16, 2015 at 1:07pm
So excited to be a part of this group! Hope this is appropriate to ask here but I need help. I am working on a crowdfunding initiative and I put a site together to explain the project and give some details on how I thought the dpnation perks would look. Can you guys check out greatalleghenylodge.com and see what you think? The website needs work but I mainly want the crowdfunding initative critiqued. Let me know if you think the whole thing is a bad idea (Tell me kindly or I might cry:). If someone has experience and would be interested in some consulting PLEASE let me know! Are the perks workable? Please help! My wife and I had this dream 8 years ago and all of the sudden, we have been offered the property to do this very inexpensively. If your a cycling enthusiast this may be of special interest to you! Thanks so much!

Group Leader
Comment by Jay Peroni on April 28, 2015 at 1:24pm

Been a while since an update.  I have been hard at work on my latest book. Hope every one is doing well! 

You can buy a copy at Amazon.com CLICK HERE or get an autographed copy CLICK HERE.


Here is what I cover in this exciting new book:


  • What are the blood moons?
  • What is the Blood Moon Prophesy?
  • Will the 7-year cycle occur again in 2015?
  • Ten financial warnings
  • Overview of your investment choices
  • Twelve keys to surviving an economic collapse
  • How to prepare for a crisis
  • Which investment vehicles can actually go up in value while the markets fall
  • Spiritual game plan – steps to grow spiritually in your preparations!
  • Physical game plan – how you can get physically ready for anything that could come our way.
  • Financial game plan – putting together a plan to prosper no matter what happens in the financial markets.
  • How to Implement and monitor your plan
  • How to build a list of investments
  • How to make your asset allocation decisions


Blood Moons Portfolio Service


With the release of the book, I will be releasing SPECIAL ACCESS to a brand new crisis portfolio strategy later this week.  There will be four portfolio strategies:


  • Mutual fund portfolio
  • ETF portfolio
  • Stock portfolio
  • Option portfolio


This portfolio is designed to make money as the markets rise and hedge your risk and make profits while the markets fall.  This unique portfolio strategy is designed to make money no matter what the markets do. 


2015 could be a devastating year for those without a crisis game plan! 

LEARN MORE about the new portfolio strategy.


If you act now, you can get an autographed copy of the book PLUS 1 year of the Blood Moons Portfolio alerts and updates for just $49!   Access to portfolio will be $99 per year to the general public.  So you get a book plus a 1-year subscription for less than 50% of the retail price.  However, you must act now to take advantage of the special pricing…


CLICK HERE to order.



I hope you have a blessed week!




Comment by Eve DeLoney on August 25, 2014 at 7:01pm

Hello Members, and thank you for accepting my request to join this Group. I'm honored to be connected with you here in the Group. I look forward to networking, sharing, learning and making new friends here within the group. Feel free to connect with me on FB. 

Comment by Tyler Inloes on May 22, 2014 at 9:51am

Hello everyone ,

My name is Tyler Inloes. I am a Christian and a personal trainer. I have combined both my passions into Five17Fitness.com.

I just want to extend a hand to everyone in Faith Based Millionaires in the Making. I would love to help any of you that need help reaching their fitness goals whatever they might be. I would also love to help any of the other fitness professionals in this group grow their platform. 48Days to me is about the community and the help we can give each other. Please email me and let me know how we can continue to make 48Days the best community there is.

Tyler Inloes


Comment by Jeff Garrett on March 29, 2014 at 7:42pm

Hey All,

I wanted to get a discussion going on how everyone is winning, regarding market returns last year, and maybe even share about a lesson learned.

I currently utilize several of Jay's options: Dueling Duo, Tomorrow's Treasures and Swing Trade services.  I ended up close to Jay's quoted returns on a couple of the groups and then I missed the mark on others.  Mostly due to timing or schedule and missing a few timely trades or having too small of a stop loss in place.

I was able to get 30% to 33%(I have two accounts that follow the Dueling Duo hence the two numbers stated) in the Dueling Duo which is really close to Jay's quote of 32.7% in 2013.  My Tomorrow's Treasure was much lower, but still a respectable 26.8%.  Much lower than Jay's quoted 40.4%, but still really good.  Then my worst one was the Swing Trade which returned about 3%.  I have had some really good wins in the Swing Trade service, but I am currently in school and don't always have access to a secure place to log in for trading.  Which means I have missed a few of the sales and some of the buys too.  I have decided it may not be the service for my current situation.  Although if you are able to do trades with a decent turn around time then I still think it is a great service.

My biggest win last year was buying Tesla (TSLA) when it was $33.  It is now bouncing around $200.  I sold a little bit of it when it hit $84 to recoup some return and then hung on to the rest.  I'm actually thinking I may buy more for a longer term hold if it comes back down a bit.  This is one of those stocks that I bought because I was trying to follow Jay's advice about buying something you understand and are passionate about.  Great advice and great win!

I'll leave with a lesson learned.  When I first started the Wall St. Renegade service I didn't understand stop losses so I wasn't using them.  I had just bought a biotech stock that was releasing studies on a drug in the next couple of days. I went to bed with close to 100% of my investment in that biotech stock. Since I didn't have a stop in place, I woke up having lost about 90% of my investment.  I can laugh about it now, but it stung at the time.  It's all about learning and having fun.  I just thought about all the money I've spent on school and thought it was just another lesson learned.

How's everyone else doing?  Any good wins?  Any interesting stories on lessons learned?

Take Care,

Group Leader
Comment by Jay Peroni on March 24, 2014 at 2:13pm

Our Values & Choices Reflect Who We Are

"Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters." - Matthew 12:20


The other day someone I hardly knew called me to the carpet on Facebook.  They were questioning something I "liked" and how could I justify that as a Christian.  Now this wasn't a matter of life or death or even something financially or even business related for that matter, but it definitely was about character and choices. It made me really think about whether this page I "liked" really reflected my values...

After some deliberation, I came to the conclusion that I had made a mistake of judgment and clearly was in the wrong. Sometimes the truth hurts and it takes an outsider's observations to see how far we are from where we started. Sometimes even when we have the purest of motives in a situation, we can cross a line to accomplish goals and justify the means. And to top it all off, we often expect God to bless the results.

In your life, you may have started something with the purest of intentions but somewhere along the way you too crossed a line in the sand. Instead of stopping and turning back, you kept on going. How did that work out?

Now when it comes to investing many of us make the same mistake. We long to multiply all that God has provided yet we compromise our biblical values when we invest. We invest in companies that clearly oppose God's Word. Yet we expect God to bless our choices.

We may have had the purest of intentions yet crossed a line in the sand. Sometimes we were unaware of the choices we made or options available but what happens when you realize there are other choices?   Do you keep on moving forward as if you never knew or do you look for a way to change going forward?  

For me it's about getting right with God and asking for His forgiveness. It is about building stronger character and making better choices that glorify Him in all that I do. And even though this choice I made was small and probably pretty insignificant in the greater scheme of God's plan for my life, it was big enough that my conscience told me I needed to quickly turn back and that I was on the wrong path with this situation. It is more about the little choices we make when no one is looking that truly reveal who we are and what we stand for...

Please let me know how I can help you in your pursuit of faith-based investing...

Check out this FREE Resource on "How to Screen Your Investments".

Comment by Ann Musico on February 12, 2014 at 2:51am

Thank you Jay.


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