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What are you passionate about? Is it possible for you to make a living and help others in an area that you are passionate about? Absolutely! You need the know-how and the desire. Let me show you how.

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Blogging Your Passion was founded by Jonathan and Bob in early 2011. Their passion is helping bloggers become better bloggers. Read more about each of them below:

Bob's Journey to Full-Time Blogging

I have been blogging since early 2007 and have been earning a full-time living from my blogs since early 2009. And yes, being a full-time blogger is as good as you would imagine. Back in early 2007 I was talking to a friend of mine about the idea of building a website that I would put up a new article on a given topic each day. After brainstorming a bit, I found a couple ideas of topics that I was passionate about: Proverbs and Personal Finance. My first idea was to [Read More]

Jonathan's Blogging Journey

I first heard of blogging in the Summer of 2008. I was really fascinated by the idea and concept. It was about the same time that I began a personal mission to discover my true purpose in life. I had spent the previous five years building a start-up executive search firm with a few close friends. Although I was enjoying the journey, I really wanted to find my "fit" in the world... [Read More]


Need to get a hold of us? Contact us here.


For the past two years, we have helped hundreds of blogging students discover their passion and make money blogging about it. This group is dedicated to helping others build their platform and get their message out to the world. Come learn from two ProBloggers as they share their story and tips for how to create a portable, freedom business online.

We were honored to have Dan Miller on our podcast. Be sure to take a moment and hear: Dan Miller on Online Business, Blogging, and Books.

BYPU 101

BYP University 101 Course

In 22+ step-by-step videos, Bob and Jonathan provide detailed instruction on how to get your Wordpress blog up and running today. In addition, they provide expert suggestions on how to set your blog up to succeed!

Who it's best for:

  • Those who want to start a blog today and need step-by-step guidance.
  • Those who want a simple Wordpress tutorial.

Just click here to find out more!

BYPU 201

The 201 course takes everything to the next level with over 40 instructional videos and downloadable PDFs.

The course covers topics like how to start getting traffic to your blog today, how to use social media to grow your blog, and the best ways to make money from your blog. It was designed to pick up right where BYPU 101 left off and help bloggers grow their blogs.

Who it's best for:

  • Those who already have their blog up and running but don't really know what to do next.

Find out more about 201 here.

BYPU 301

The 301 course has over 40 instructional videos and downloadable PDFs. It covers tips and strategies for getting more traffic (from a variety of sources), earning more money from your current traffic, lots of SEO guidance for helping your blog to get found in the search engines, and even some real-world advice about turning your blog into a real business.

Who it's best for:

  • Those who have been blogging a while, who have a little bit of a following, who are making a little money, but who want help taking their blog to the next level.
  • We assume that you know everything from the 201 course and we cover advanced topics that many new bloggers may not be able to keep up with.

Find out more about 301 here.

Kindle Publishing Course

The Kindle Publishing Course covers everything you need to know to turn your book idea into a reality in the Kindle Store on Amazon.com in 30 days!. Over 24 step-by-step video tutorials, Kindle formatting templates, PDF cheat-sheets, and a lot more are included. All you need to bring to the table is the idea for your book, the course teaches you the rest.

Who it's best for:

  • Unpublished authors who want the quickest and easiest way to sell their book.
  • Those who have published a book, but want to turn it into a Kindle book.

Find out more about the Kindle Publishing Course here.

Five-Week Webinar Recordings

A while back we recorded a live 5-week webinar and we spent 1-2 hours each week covering 5 of the biggest challenges that most bloggers face:
  1. Just Getting Started - How to get your self-hosted blog set up, optimized, and up and running
  2. Creating Good Content - 20 article ideas that will help you prevent "writer's block" for good!
  3. Time Management - Tips and tricks from us on how we manage our time efficiently and effectively.
  4. Making Money - In this we talk about how to optimize Google Adsense to dramatically increase earnings, how to use affiliate programs effectively, and ways to be on the lookout for new streams of income from your blog.
  5. Getting Traffic - Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog and in this one Bob talks about what he did to get his blog up to 750,000 pageviews each month.

To find out more detail about what is covered in each webinar and all the additional bonuses offered in the webinar package just click here  -> BYP 5-Week Video Series.

Discussion Forum

Too Niche???

Started by Fred Polacek. Last reply by Jerry Stumpf on Saturday. 16 Replies

Hey guys - I am new to this group. I looked through old discussions to see if this was covered but I could not find this covered.  I have had an idea for a while to create a blog pertaining to engineering design process, but I am concerned that this…Continue

New podcast! Creative Studio Academy

Started by Joshua Rivers Jul 16. 0 Replies

I've been busy the past few weeks interviewing many great guests for my new podcast, which has launched this week. The third episode came out today, with two more coming this week.It is the Creative Studio Academy, and focuses on helping people that…Continue

Blogsite or SBI

Started by Bob Fraser. Last reply by Vickie Smith Jun 2. 3 Replies

I want to sell books online, Primarily helpful ideas for parenting and adoption and "How to Books".  How to fish, start a home based service business, such as, pressure washing and a few more ideas that I've had experience with.So, should I create a…Continue

Allow an Ad to use up the entire sidebar

Started by Chris Wensink. Last reply by Rob Orr May 14. 1 Reply

Does anyone know how to allow an adsense ad or other java / html ad to use up the entire sidebar, rather than having the spacing set up manually by the style sheet.  See the Ad as an example on this page:…Continue

Facebook Comments plugin on Wordpress

Started by Derek Olsen. Last reply by Jonathan Milligan Mar 13. 8 Replies

Has anyone used the Facebook comments plugin for Wordpress?https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments/What are you thoughts and experience with this?-DerekContinue

Blog Feedback and questions

Started by Johnny Lee. Last reply by Barbara Turman Mar 2. 6 Replies

Hi everyone!  I am brand new to blogging and have a few posts out on my site.  Would you be willing to give me some feedback on my brand and my posts?  I love my brand of "Your Life Detective" but I am having difficulty deciding whether I should…Continue

Special Last Chance For 48 Days Members!

Started by Kathy Mar 1. 0 Replies

Our Called Woman Conference is in 2 WEEKS!. We want to extend a chance for 48 Days members to attend AND get a special discount. If you would like to bring a friend for FREE (or both share the cost of ONE ticket). Just register …Continue

Blogging Your Passion - Step #5c: Best Plugins and Settings for Wordpress

Started by Jonathan Milligan. Last reply by Levi Andersen Feb 27. 9 Replies

Hi Everyone! It is exciting to see more members joining our group every week. I have so much more to share with you and I cannot wait! Step 5 has been all about setting up your Wordpress Blog correctly. The reason I have so many subpoints is because…Continue

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The 9 Step Plan from Day Job to Dream Job with Kary Oberbrunner

Is it possible to make the leap from your day job to your dream job? Is there a clearly defined plan you can follow to do so? I wanted to seek out these answers in a recent interview with Kary Oberbrunner. Kary left his day job to pursue his dream job — Igniting Souls. Through his [...]

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How to Turn Your Blog into a Great Book Concept with Chad Allen [Podcast]

How do I take my blog and turn it into a great book concept? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chad Allen and ask that very question. Chad is the Editorial Director for Baker Books and has personally worked with hundreds of authors over the past 15 years. He has the keen [...]

The post How to Turn Your Blog into a Great Book Concept with Chad Allen [Podcast] appeared first on Blogging Your Passion.

How Do You Narrow Down Your Many Passions to Just One?

Many of us would classify ourselves as multi-passionate.  I know I have certainly struggled in the past with the following questions: Which of my many passions is the best choice for starting a blog? Out of all my passions which one resonates best with others? What if the passion I want to blog about has [...]

The post How Do You Narrow Down Your Many Passions to Just One? appeared first on Blogging Your Passion.

The One Question You Have to Get Right to Build a Tribe

There’s talk all over the web about building a tribe. What exactly is a tribe to begin with? As Jeff Goins defines it a tribe is “a unique group of fans, friends and followers who resonate with your worldview.” I believe that is the essence of what a tribe is all about. There are really 5 shared principles [...]

The post The One Question You Have to Get Right to Build a Tribe appeared first on Blogging Your Passion.

If You’re Not Passionate About Your Message, Don’t Start a Blog

I received an email from a reader recently asking for my opinion. According to their words, they had narrowed down their blog topic to two “profitable” niches and couldn’t decide which one would earn them the most money. They wanted me to decide for them (Oh, and I got their permission to share my advice [...]

The post If You’re Not Passionate About Your Message, Don’t Start a Blog appeared first on Blogging Your Passion.

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Comment by Tim West-Go West Coaching on January 3, 2012 at 4:51pm

I have a question.  I currently blog and I usually blog about financial or career issues. I was wondering should I start another blog for career and keep them separate?  Thanks


Comment by Stephen Scasta on December 29, 2011 at 9:34pm

Hello everyone!  Excited to join the group, look forward to getting to know you all.  The blog for my business is at www.profitdriversconsulting.com/blog.  Just put up a new Year in Review post. Hopefully it can help inspire anyone going through a difficult time.

I'm looking forward to viewing all the videos in BYP University!

Have a Happy New Year's,


Comment by Jim Cordero on December 25, 2011 at 8:31pm

I looked at Zoho. Either I'm not seeing what I'm looking for, or this just isn't it.

Comment by Brad Kinder on December 23, 2011 at 5:35pm

I would recommend Zoho also.  I have used it and it meets my needs.  Like Jim mentioned, it is free!

I would give it a look!

Group Leader
Comment by Jeff Long on December 23, 2011 at 3:45pm

Have you looked into Zoho.com or other CRM software. I haven't used Zoho much but it might help. Plus, it's free!
Comment by Jim Cordero on December 23, 2011 at 12:32pm

Hello. Does anyone here have experience with a contacts database program that you'd recommend? I'm building a list of info in excel, and now in google docs. primarily church leadership contacts, organizations, schools, and a list of individuals who volunteer at events / street team members. I want the ability to create fields and lay it out the way I want it. I'm mostly contacting people with email, and facebook, but will also mail materials to them, call them, and sometimes text. I want to be able to sort the info, and easily send email from it.

Ultimately I want to be able to simply enter / edit contact info, sort and manage it, and communicate with people on specific lists.

I'm not a master of excel, I've just started using google docs and have questions about it. So I thought before I spend too much time on this trail I'd ask and see if there's a better way of doing this.

Group Leader
Comment by Connie Foster on December 21, 2011 at 4:59pm
Thanks Rob. I'm just glad I had the whole day to sort through the process. It probably took me longer than most since I'm not very tech savvy. Let me know when you mark the task off your list so I can join the celebration.
Comment by Robert "Rob" E. Copeland III on December 21, 2011 at 3:55pm

Connie - A big congratulations!!  I am inspired by your commitment, good work, positive outcome, and probably a lot of perseverance. In all honesty starting a blog popped up on my Toodledo task list on 6/3/11.  It's time to get it done!!

Group Leader
Comment by Connie Foster on December 21, 2011 at 3:03pm

Jonathan and Bob,

Thanks so much for providing the Blogging Your Passion 101 video series. After much procrastination, I finally went threw the entire process today and, thanks to you guys, built my blog!!! I'm tired, I'm starving, my husband is starving, and there's no reason to get out of my PJs at this point since it'll be time to go to bed again soon. I would love the feedback from anyone out there with a moment to spare.


Thanks again, guys. Let me know when the next video series is ready.


Comment by Rick Seigmund on November 10, 2011 at 10:01am

Hi to all,


Thanks so much for your previous comments, and for everyone who looked at my site. I’m slowly working on the revisions, and will let you all know when they are complete. I’m also posting this same post in a few different places on 48 Days, so you might see it again! I am still working at my JOB full time, so my time resources are somewhat limited, apologies as to not responding or being involved as much as I really need to be. I am working on two websites for coaching (and yes Ken, speaking)! The first is The Exceptional American, which is focused on Life Coaching, and the second is The Leader Forge, which will obviously be focused on Leadership. My passion is leadership, though I see life coaching as a solid secondary focus, as not everyone can be nor wants to be a leader specifically, but everyone can and should be working on improving their life situation. I have been slow working on things, but am now laser beam focused on my sites, my speech, and my training formats, as I am planning my transition to full time coaching and speaking by mid-January. So, any comments, critiques, encouragement and questions are and will be appreciated. I have gained much from this community and really appreciate what you all are doing on here. Thanks much!


Rick Seigmund 



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