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Comment by DebraCreates Lynn Crabtree on June 16, 2013 at 8:44am


That flower is phenomenal!!! Wow. I facilitate a class in another state that does watercolor. I know what it takes to create that piece. You have real skill!

As for tile there are two ways of doing them. One is painting greenware tiles and having them fired. And then there is what I used, Pebeo Parcelaine 150 ceramic paint. It is water based and can be used on most anything that can be heated to 300 degrees for 35 min. After baking it is like baked enamel. The only draw back I experienced was the painted border tiles around the stove were affected by hot oils, it worked like a solvent over time. I didn't put any sealer on them and I don't know if it would make a difference. I know if I do any murals behind stoves I will coat them as a precaution. The paints themselves work a lot like transparent oils and have that rich look to them. They mix well together and allow you to add layers much like watercolor or oils. The beauty is they are thinned and cleaned with water. You can get them on line at Cheap Joe's or Dick Blicks.

This connection for me is coming through someone I know who is working with this kitchen designer and will highly recommend me. If he is truly interested I will create samples. I am meeting with my connection tomorrow.

LOL I'm working on that life plan thing too.



Comment by Billie Wells on June 16, 2013 at 7:01am


I am interested in the tile thing, too. I do flowers and love doing the tile.

Here's a flower I did Friday afternoon while waiting for the crew to get ready to eat

How does one get into the tile decorating biz? It sounds cool.

I am reading Brian Tracy's "The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success" and just listed what I want to do, have and be in 5 years. I can see that I need to make some changes of what I am doing.

Comment by DebraCreates Lynn Crabtree on June 16, 2013 at 6:52am

Good morning!,

I wonder if anyone has as much fun with technology as I do?? This my fourth try to post. Things from batteries that die, internet that randomly refuses to work,  hitting the wrong button and deleting it all, to Ipads that refuse to post or send on this site. In the past I just gave up, but it has been made abundantly clear to me I must overcome. 

On a brighter note it is a new day full of unlimited possibilities!

Kenneth, I very much want to thank you for kind words and encouragement. The power of, "I Believe", is beyond words. They have energized me and increased my confidence. In answer to your questions I have not done the limited additions simply because I din't know what set them a part. Is it how they are printed, lithograph or digital, or is it a particular size? I would appreciate some insight on that. I have 74 images digitally ready for printing. Of those originals I have 40 ready to be framed, 22 are sold, and the remaining twelve need to be revisited and improved. I also have 125 in some stage of refinement. Most of those are pastels on velvet paper or board and generally are 20x28. I just finished getting my studio together and have set time aside to produce more oils. I prefer to paint larger but was limited to paper size. On Etsy I have 4 originals, each listed at 400.00 unframed and I also offer giclees for 150.00 but haven't sold any of either.

Kenneth how to you determine costs and revenues when you don't know what they will be? Some things I know like the cost of installing lighting but I know there are needs I will encounter that I don't know about yet. I am also very aware of the fact that I am an artist first and a newbie at business. I have used that as an excuse for too long. I am listening to podcasts and seeking out people who can help me balance that. For now I am building my online business. When that generates sufficient profits to sustain me and the gallery I will then try to open it. I am hoping that is real soon.

What do you think of a possible opportunity that was presented to me last night. Some years ago I designed and custom painted tile murals and counter tiles for my kitchen remodel. It was put to me that there is a possibility for me do this for a custom kitchen designer in the exclusive area of Belle Meade in Nashville. It is not precisely fine art but it has the potential to be very lucrative and could also lead to doing wall murals as well. It is a different rabbit trail... thoughts? Again thank you Kenneth for your time and advise.

Ed, I like your art and I too have looked at the licensing thing. All I have to say is get to work! lol You have the talent and skill the only thing in your way is volume and that is just plain old work. I read once that art was 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. I have come to believe it!!! I wish you the best!



I share with all that I encounter that this is a place where the most positive people I have ever encountered interact.

Comment by Ed Ouano on June 13, 2013 at 11:27pm
Thanks, Kenneth. I appreciate the kind words. Actually, I have investigated the licensing arena and eventually to pursue that seriously

However, since I've only been selling my work for a year, I've decided that I'd feel a little bit more comfortable if I had a larger body or work diving into licensing. I've spoken to people in licensing and they all seem to agree that the more work you have, the better.

I think agents and manufacturers feel a bit more comfortable working with you if you have a large body of work and not just a few great pieces. THey don't like to bet on a "one hit wonder".

I've done well with sales at Comic conventions and art shows in the last year ( I've done about 10-12 shows ) and gotten a lot of great responses and feedback. So, I'm certain that I'm on the right track, I think I just have to create more stuff go from there!

Actually, I'm driving to Las Vegas at 4am to exhibit at a new comic convention, so I'm trying my best to expose more people to my stuff! Thanks again...

Comment by Kenneth R. Massey on June 13, 2013 at 8:23pm

Ed...your work is amazing too!  Those pics linked from your facebook page scream licensing deals to me.  I can see so many children products wanting to license and use those images.  I am no prophet or able to predict future...but I think the licensing route is a way  you can capitalize on your talent!  Best wishes!  

Comment by Kenneth R. Massey on June 13, 2013 at 8:11pm

Debra...I love your art.  Very moving, very beautiful, and I believe very possible to have retail success.  Do you make limited edition signed and number print series of those?  How many different originals do you have?  How much do you charge and what size are they?  Do you produce giclees as an option between original and print?  

Regarding business plan...putting your ideas, real costs, realistic revenue streams, etc. down in writing will help guide you.  All of your ideas sound great...but prove it works to yourself on paper....then you can launch out with confidence.  Or, you can decide to do a different route.  I certainly am not against or encouraging folks not to open galleries....I just know that many artists shy away from the business side and the realistic business planning and miss a critical step and find themselves in financial trouble in the early stages.  The days of opening a brick and mortar retail and hanging beautiful art and thinking they will come in and buy are gone.  It takes so much more today given all the competition and the economy.   I certainly wish you well whatever you do.  

Comment by Kent Sanders on June 13, 2013 at 7:38pm

This is something I thought was relevant to this group. Last week I posted some thoughts in the Podcasting group expressing that I was disappointed in my podcast numbers. Based on several responses, including some great thoughts from Cliff Ravenscraft, I realized that I had failed to be grateful for the small audience I already had, and that actually my number of downloads was pretty normal for someone at the beginning stages of podcasting.

Through this experience I realized I needed to let my audience know how much I appreciate and value them. I also needed to re-commit myself to being a good steward of the audience God has given me, regardless of the size. (Because numbers come and go!) 

Most of us would like to have a bigger audience for whatever we're doing, but I hope we don't forget to be thankful for those who are already reading us, listening to us, or are clients or customers. I devoted my lastest podcast episode to telling my audience how thankful I was for them - it's called "Why I'm Thankful for You," and it's here if you are interested: http://artistssuitcase.com/013

Comment by DebraCreates Lynn Crabtree on June 13, 2013 at 3:12pm
Billie, thank you so much.
Comment by Billie Wells on June 13, 2013 at 1:19pm

Debra, Oh my goodness, those are beautiful!!

Comment by DebraCreates Lynn Crabtree on June 13, 2013 at 9:15am
Good Morning All,
Kenneth thank you for your insight and wisdom. I could use guidance on the business plan. I have a lot of ideas. I see the gallery as more of a community place. I see my online presence as the major source of income. Here in Nashville and Franklin they do monthly Art Crawl that I have attended. I would like to do the same in conjunction with another studio/gallery in town who is also interested. It's an evening of wine, snacks, music, and art. I want to feature not only my art but of up and coming students from the area. I also would like to do painting parties that are also popular. Add to that a few classes.
The paintings below are examples of some of my work.
1 is pastel and titled: My Love For You is as Vast as the Sea
2 is pastel and titled: Joy Beyond Words
3 is oils and titled: Fields of Praise
I appreciate your feed back, Debra

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