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Comment by Dawn Blair on May 11, 2011 at 9:37pm
My main dislike with Godin's blog is that I can't comment on it. There are times I would like to add things or have him expand on some of his thoughts. There's other times I just tilt my head and wonder what he's going on about. He's got an people that wants MORE! Yet he doesn't even seem to realize this. I feel like he'd rather keep his audience locked out than engaged. Makes me wonder if he has more fear of detractors than belief in his purpose. Just my two cents.
Comment by Eddie Hudson on May 11, 2011 at 10:27am

Hey Mary, actually, I printed it out about thirty minutes ago, as something to refer to when I feel the need to be "outer-directed." I have this 'lovely' calendar above my desk, made up about two years ago. It would be a guide to help me stay on course ~ how rarely do I do that! But anyway, it's my own method, with my own direction to get my life in order. It covers, not only art, but a process of mapping my progress, reaching out to others and spiritual development. A TALL ORDER! But one, if I remain consistent and disciplined, will yield life changing results.

By the way, about a year ago, we all read and shared insights from Linchpin.

Comment by Eddie Hudson on May 11, 2011 at 10:23am

Jeandre, your telling my story, man! Actually, so far, this 'manifesto' declares a harsh reality most don't like to name. In reality a "machine" has made it possible for some to appear and given the spotlight provided, all would be successful artists are compelled to sound, move, paint and 'be' that model. But in truth, the only true influence is that placed in our soul. In many ways, I'm glad I didn't "step out on faith" to become an artist the multiple times I told people I would. I still have people who say they would love to buy my art, but they're looking for "barbershop art," or "children's art," or in the case of my wife's coworker: "that's ugly!" In spite of my own doubts and fears, the one assurance I've had is that my style and technique is my own and that it comes from a source others can't see. My audience, those who would be moved to buy, they're out there. I will keep going.

Anyway Jeandre, I agree with the comments shared so far. This is hard-hitting and may need to part of a larger body of work, but broken into step-by-step plans. "We" creative types, especially us timid ones have to be lead gently along the way. Funny: while reading the beginning I had this vision of sheep out in a pasture in danger of losing their way if a shepherd didn't come along, soon. Love your spirit and the heart that yearns to help others!

Comment by Mary Carol Brown on May 11, 2011 at 10:18am
Hi, all...if you have a couple of minutes, pop over to www.sethgodin.com and read his blog post today. It is really good. Also, I highly recommend his books..they have given me several great ideas for both businesses!
Comment by Jeandre Gerber on May 11, 2011 at 9:18am
Jeremiah: Thanks, I'm taking notes
Comment by Jeremiah Spoon on May 11, 2011 at 8:07am

Jeandre-I read through your Manifesto. It sounds like you've got some really good methods on how to put events together. I'm assuming that this will be tied in with a web site or something else that provides some sort of brief intro. If this is someone's first exposure to your ideas about True Art Gathering then you might lose some folks because of the length.


Also, how are these events open source? You've got some sound advice on how to put a successful festival or gathering together, but I'm not sure how the open source thing ties in. Is it because you're making your steps and ideas open source, or the musicians and artists at the gathering support creative commons licensing? You drop the term several times, but I wasn't quite clear on how that fit in.


It all sounds really cool and I see how this could grow also into True Art Workshops and True Art Conferences, where you change up the schedules and types of events a bit, without having to drastically change your core process. Very cool.


Mary-Welcome to the group.

Comment by Brad Leslie on May 10, 2011 at 5:01pm

Deby, I appreciate it, but I've got the boys this weekend, so I won't be doing anything non-kid related (s'all good in that regard; keeps me young;)).

I hope to be able to attend at least one event some day--it's just a matter of time and money becoming available at the same time. 

If nothing else, I'm planning a weekend getaway at some point this summer during one of the boys' weekends with their mother.  Nothing fancy, I'm just going to pick a place I can drive to within a couple of hours, get a hotel, and just recharge.  No kids, no dog, just me, somewhere that isn't here, for just a couple of days.

Eddie, I'm with you--I know God has something huge planned for all of us, and even though faith wavers from time to time, it's important that we keep at the work He gave us 'til He wants us to know what we're doing.

Comment by Eddie Hudson on May 10, 2011 at 4:16pm

Jeandre, I will download the pdf and look at it while my wife shops :)

Mary, welcome and yes this is a wonderful group. Thanks everyone for the support. I KNOW I'm not alone in my feelings; and I do believe as many as are willing to hang in there until only Jesus can use us, we'll come out just fine! Personal experience in so many areas of my life reminds me of his faithfulness!

Group Leader
Comment by Deby Dearman on May 10, 2011 at 4:06pm

Mary - Welcome to the tribe. We love new faces and comments around here.

Jason - Thank you. :-) Hope we connect sometime soon.

Brad - There may be some help if you think you could get away this weekend. Let me know.


Comment by Brad Leslie on May 10, 2011 at 3:39pm

Jeandre--I won't be able to give the manifesto my full attention til later this evening (gotta get the kids fed, homework done, etc), but I look forward to being challenged by it!

Mary--welcome!  This is a rare place!

Deby--I wish I could be there, too.  My problem is finances.  I'm always a paycheck (sometimes less) away from devastation (my financial empire jingles when I walk ;)).  Even when the boys are with their mother and I have time, I can't afford stuff like this, even when I know it would be very good for me.

But I hope all who can attend have a great and uplifting weekend!


Check it out!

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