I'm sort of freaking out here. My current position at a 8-4:30 job is being terminated so I'm coming up with a plan for my next phase of life. Based on Dan's personality profile I'm an extremely outgoing person who likes interaction and would be really good at sales. However, I'm not thrilled with anything that I would want to sell. From early childhood I've been an artist and used to love painting/drawing.

I got my bachelors in graphic art but almost graduated with a fine art degree - the only reason I didn't switch my major was because the professor trying to talk me into fine arts couldn't come up with a way to make a living other than teaching. 

Painting (mural work and fine art oil painting) is something I must do. I can typically go six months before I get almost feverish and absolutely have to pick up a paint brush... it's an odd addiction. Anyway, I'm trying to come up with a way to feed my family and feed my addiction, AND not go crazy from the hours of solitude. This is a really, really tall order to fill I know. I can't figure out how to make a living by painting yet, let along keep my sanity. :)

Anyway, this post is somewhat to vent (I'm really frustrated right now and verging on depression) and somewhat to see if you all have any ideas. I'm open to out of the box solutions. 

Thanks for listening,


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Nathan, I wrote a book, How to Ditch the Corporate World and Rock Your Own. In it, one of the stories is of someone in Los Angeles that does exactly that, she paints murals. If you want to send me your email address, I would be happy to send you that story to see if any help could be derived from it.

what came to mind is this...ever heard of thomas Kinkaid?...why not try to guide your painting in a similar direction and create inspiration for others?

Hello Nathan, I certainly empathize with you. That was me nearly two years ago; my contract position was coming to an end and even though I knew it for sometime before I looked forward to time in front of a canvas and exercising my creativity. My one suggestion is reading articles and other sources on getting your work sold. There are tons of resources around, including people you can talk with. Now mind you, I'm back "at work," not earning enough to sustain the life I wanted, but I remain hopeful. Pick up a copy of Professional Artist or just as good, do an online subscription or get their free daily newsletter. The magazine is full of helpful advice that if followed should put you where you want to be. Hope this helps. One last thing: with an outgoing personality, you should be able to make contact with galleries and other sources that can help out.

Hi Nate. On one hand I'm nervous for you, but on the other hand I'm excited for you. Go figure. Sometimes I wish my boss would cut me loose. Anyway, read this http://www.perrymarshall.com/22385/u2/ and let me know if you get anything useful from it. I don't know if you're a man of faith or not, but for me this convicts me to reach a hurting world even more. 

Blessings to you, my friend. :)



I started to replay when you first posted this, but got interrupted. Now I'm back and have been thinking about your situation all week, and still feel like this is something you might want to check into. Here's the link:


A few weeks ago my granddaughter attended a birthday party that took place at a Painting With a Twist studio. She came home with a wonderful painting (she's 9) that everyone was happy to have on the wall in their home - not just because it was hers, but because she really did a great job. Her whole group had nice paintings to bring home. Painting With a Twist is a franchise opportunity that I sure would be checking out if I were you. Being a people person, the studio brings you lots of good contact and opportunity to use those people skills. Being a painter, well, that's what they do there. You can teach; you may want to add to the selection of paintings they use in their business. You'll still be able to work at your own painting, and you'll be able to support your family using your people skills in the environment that you enjoy. This business totally intrigues me . . . and people really do go there. Our nearest studio is in Detroit. They've recently opened a 2nd one not far from the first because their business is doing that well! Hang in there! Artists typically have trouble marketing themselves; you may be the perfect combination of artist and temperament to actually be an artist who makes a living at art.

Oh, and while you're doing this Painting With a Twist studio, you could be showing your work and offering it in area galleries, too. There are a surprising number of places around that will show/sell your work for you for OK commissions. Our local non-profit takes on fine artists for $10 a month and 25% commission. We've been able to connect some artists with area patrons that would never go to a weekend art show, but will send their buyers to our gallery and spend thousands on great work from area artists.

Please lets us know when you come up with something that works for you! God bless you!

Nathan, thanks for coming to the forum and for sharing your heart. You've found a safe place filled with folks who will speak truth and cheer you on. My suggestion to you would be this: Make 'making a living with your art' a goal, but realize that it is something that doesn't happen overnight. Try to find work that will keep the bills paid while you build your art business.  Create a plan with a time frame. Make goals on how much you want to be making in 3 - 6 - 9 months and see if you can meet that goal. When your goals are being met you'll know that it's time to quit your day job and go full time with your art.

All the best to you! It can be done!

Keep us posted on your progress.

Listen to Deby - wise words - seems like a good plan. Also, as I took a peak at your profile, I realized you live relatively near us. We're in Montpelier, OH - that's up in the NW corner of the state, just barely in Ohio. That's where I'm working with a non-profit gallery called ArtSpace sponsored by our Williams County Arts Council. We're always looking to add artists to our group who exhibit at the gallery (around 25 artists now), and would be interested in what you might want to offer. Photos or an online portfolio will do. Most of our artists are within 30 miles of Montpelier, but we do have one guy in Fort Wayne and another closer to Toledo. We have several artists who work full-time at their art. They might have ideas for you, too. You can email us at artspace.wmscounty@gmail.com where Chris Kannel, the president of the WCAC would be able to give you all the details about our group. So, make a plan, and let us know if we can help.

Wow, Nathan, I love the opportunity Jeanne has offered. Thanks, Jeanne!

I have another word of advise for you. Start building your platform! I can't stress this enough. I'd suggest that you run

out and purchase Mike Hyatt's new book Platform!

I've heard Dan talk about one pastors who decided to specialize in paintings of musicians (symphonies, bands, sax players, etc) and he now does that full time. Another artist always painted peaceful paintings so she went to a Dental convention and sold her art to Dentists who wanted a peaceful environment in their office.

Dan's podcast often has some great ideas for artists.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about creating for legacy, not currency. That is a point I've come to with my music and songwriting. I have a cleaning business but I create because that is who I am. And from there, who knows? There are some great tips here from fellow artists so I hope that gives you some encouragement to continue creating.



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