I'm having a connection problem with Filezilla. I keep getting the following error: 530 Login authentication failed. I was wondering if anyone knew how to resolve this.

Thank you for your help!

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Dave, can you share more details about your server environment that you're trying to login to? Does it use FTP,SFTP, or certificate based authentication? What OS's are involved on each end?

Also, is this a new problem? If so then the obvious thing to do is think about what could have changed since your last successful login.

Have a look at forum threads, you just might find the solution to your issue lurking inside


P.S. if you do share details please be careful to omit/redact server addresses, usernames, and password from public communication.


Thanks Matthew. In answer to your question, I have not used Filezilla in quite some time. When I did use it last there were not problems. I just tried again yesterday, wanting to add something to my site when I first encountered this issue. The environment I'm using I believe uses FTP. I am using Windows 7.


Is it possible that you've changed your password on your hosting account but not in the FileZilla connection setup?

If not, then maybe check your login on another part of your hosting account, like a control panel page.

If no joy, then you might have your hosting account reset or send you a new password.

Thanks Matthew. I've contacted the person that runs my hosting account and am waiting for him to check the password.


Check it out!

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