I've started blogging the past few weeks about personal finance topics & such.  Despite my efforts to push the blog, I only have one follower.  I know a lot of people read it, because of the personal feedback I receive. I post a link to Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest whenever I have a new post. What am I doing wrong or do I just need to be more patient?

Here is a link to my blog:

Fruitful Living and Beyond

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Michelle Osborn

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Thanks Craig. I also saw Justin's tweet. I even sent him a thank u for putting it out there....lol

Thanks for sharing it with me. I appreciate it!

Michelle...that's funny. :)

Hey Michelle, just remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. It will take some time for your blog to get traction. The other members here have provided some excellent resources (especially Pat Flynn and Michael Hyatt). 

One idea I have for you: set goals you have control over. For example, you can't control how many followers you get but you CAN control how many times you post a month, how many guest posts you'll make a month and how many comments you will make on other related blogs. 

Also try being active on social media and sharing your posts that way too.

You'll get there...one step at a time!


Thanks Josh! I'm trying to work the social media like nothing else right now. Trying to work Twitter right now as most of my followers on Facebook are personal friends & family.  I was a mail carrier for 13 years so having hard time getting them to think of me as something else.  I figure if I can increase Twitter it will spill over to Facebook and when those I know see the increase in traffic, then they will start thinking of me as a financial coach instead.

Social media is good but how are you doing with guest posting? If you want to get more blog readers I think guest posting and leaving comments on other people's blogs is far more effective than trying to build your social media platform. 

And are you on Google Plus? I think G+ is a much better social network to share content than Facebook or Twitter. And it's owned by Google who has the greatest influence over online search. So I'd recommend posting on there and commenting on other Google Plus posts. 

Keep it up! You're headed in the right direction.

Yes I'm on Google+.  My blog is through blogger so every time I post, it goes out on the Google network. I have been trying to comment on a few blogs a day.  How's the best way to approach someone to guest blog on their site? Especially when I'm just starting out.

I think the best way would be to become a reader of the blog you want to guest post on. Get a feel for the tone the author uses as well as the type of community that reads it. 

Then just send them an email and introduce yourself. Explain you're a fellow blogger and just wanted to see if they have any needs for guest posts. You may even want to pitch them an idea or two (make sure your headlines are catchy!). 

find forums related to your services.  Start out just answering questions and after about 10 posts then you might add to your signature your blog/website and a short tagline about your service.  You want to get some traction in the forum before you come in looking like you are trying to drive traffic to your blog or website.  

After a time of you giving consistent expert replies to questions in the forum, you might get to a point to appear to be an expert and start to get a following and driving more traffic to your blog/website.  Spend your time-wisely on the forums that start to appear to have more activity and look for postings that have more views and replies.

Thank you so much! I was trying to figure out how & when to mention my site if I post in a forum. So far my concentration has been in blogs, but I will refocus on the forums.


Thanks for posting this. I'm in the exact same boat with the blog on my site. Also, thanks everyone for your responses and expertise, I'll be downloading Pat Flynn's podcast tomorrow morning.

Great stuff!


Glad to know I'm not alone Stephen!!

Also, check out Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crush It.

One thing is says is to ignore stats for the most part. Followers don't mean anything if you don't have engaged followers. Also, I rarely "follow" a blog. I usually just add it to a RSS feed or bookmark it. If you have engagement on your blog already you are probably doing better than you think.


Check it out!

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