I thought it might be interesting to see how many "48Days Christmas Meet-Ups" could be held across the country between now and the end of the year. I am organizing a Local " 48Days Christmas Meet-Up" in the Grand Rapids Michigan area and would love to hear about similar events across the country.

The theme for the Grand Rapids Event will be two-fold, 1.  How has being involved in the 48Days community impacted you?  2. What are some of our 2013 Goals for impacting our world with the 48Days message?

I would love to know if anyone is interested in organizing an event in your local area...it would be fun to share our stories here!

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What a great idea, I live in Rochester, NY, near Buffalo, NY/Syracuse, NY. If anybody lives near me, that would be great to connect with others.

Doug Renz

Awesome Doug,

Can't wait to hear how it goes. I've begun contacting people in my area that I already know on 48Days and asking them to get the word out...This should be really cool.

Randell. What a cool idea. Last year we had people from Hawaii, California, and Florida show up for our 48 Days Open House. I'd be thrilled to see people just get together locally in groups.
Very cool. I am a half hour northwest of Columbus, Ohio, if anyone here is interested.

Randell, I'm looking forward to the Grand Rapids meetup!

Wow! year too late!  I've spent most of my life in Grand Rapids, but just this year moved to Southern California and then to Nashville. 

Anything going on in the Nashville area?


Sorry that we never connected in Grand Rapids, but the biggest Christmas event is near Nashville in Franklyn at the Sanctuary. It's The 48Days Christmas Open House. That will be on the 8th of Dec. Hope to see you there!

Thanks, I'll be there!

Very cool! Thanks for posting this. I've RSVPd!

Randell, I'm hoping to make it to Franklin on the 8th, if I'm not working on that day. If so, will you be hanging around there for quite a while?

Absolutely Archie!!!  We're driving 600 Miles to hang-out with some Amazing World Changers, and we'll stick around until they turn the lights off. (which probably means we'll be cleaning up and doing dishes LOL)

I sure hope to see you there!

Sounds good buddy! As of right now, I am scheduled for Saturdays at my part time gig (OK, job, hehe). However, with this much notice I think I can swap some hours around. Hope so, it'll be like a HUGE reunion of SUPER HEROES!!!


Check it out!

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